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Top Pre-Schools in India 2015

India has over 159 Million children in the age group of 0 – 6 years according to the census of 2011. Early childhood is acknowledged as the most crucial period in a person's life, when the rate of development is very high and foundations are laid for cumulative lifelong learning and human development. There is growing scientific evidence that the development of the brain in the early years is a pathway that affects physical and mental health, learning and behavior throughout the life cycle.

The quality of non-formal preschool or early childhood care and education imparted through these...Read More

SI Training Providers of the Year 2015

Gartner has already predicted that India will be the third largest IT market in Asia/Pacific by 2016. The projected demand for trained IT professionals is estimated at over 4 lakhs per year. While the business grows, the need for operability, sustainability and innovation will become inevitable and the country will require more number of people with potential to connect and disseminate information. However, there is a clear imbalance between demand and supply of IT professionals. This is where the training providers in the professional job arena are stepping in to augment the skill sets of individuals who...Read More

Top 100 Engineering Colleges 2015

It is true that, majority of Indian educational institutions have miserably failed to achieve their spots in global rankings. However, it does not mean the country's educational establishments are not capable of providing quality education. Arguably, there exists a disparity in the quality constraints of global ranking agencies and the focus of Indian educators as well as Indian students' mindset. While, research and academic excellence play important roles for most global ranking agencies to evaluate universities across the globe, Indian institutes thrive on the premise of making students job...Read More

Best 25 Colleges To Hire From - 2015

 We look for people with the ability to take on responsibilities at an early stage, with a strong value system and a result-oriented approach," says Sonali Roychowdhury, Head of Human Resources at P&G India. Companies today are shifting their focus from technical trainings to soft skills and better domain knowledge and there are a group of institutions who have already moved past the issue of skill gap and are doing their best to close the discrepancy by producing skilled professionals. Few years back, MoUs were not very popular in the education sector, today without collaborations, this...Read More

Top 20 Private Universities 2015

Over the past couple of years and at present, institutes who provide a variety of degrees have constantly tried to ensure that their students are employable. At the same time, most of these institutes come under universities who have not yet taken necessary steps such as upgrading curriculum, recruiting more experienced faculty members, increasing the interactions with the industry and last but not the least spending more funds to encourage research. While central and state run universities have realized the importance of implementing these aspects to an extent, the private universities are taking it up in...Read More