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College of the Year-2017

Though we belong to the 21st century, the perception, with respect to education, continues to be medieval. Higher education is often looked as a luxury rather than a necessity, aligning it with the realm of something unnecessary and not to mention, snobbish. This notion however, couldn’t be further away from the truth. A student with a higher education degree is able to leverage his academic knowledge and blend it with the practical application of the industry that is essential for an overall expertise in that specific operation. No doubt that the world has produced college...Read More

20 Most Promising International Schools - 2017

By gone are the days when the Indian education system would follow the well beaten path of a constant pedagogy. An entirely new segment, the International Schools, is on a rise and changing the demographics of education in the country. With the inclusion of new patterns like IB, IGCSE and many other along with the existing State Board CBSE and ICSE, these schools have taken an unconventional turn towards proffering education which has definitely struck a chord with the rich & affluent and is slowly picking up with the rest of the society as well. Global facilities revolving...Read More

Top 10 Pre School & Day Care Services Bangalore - 2017

Balancing the responsibilities at the workplace and at home is a major hassle that modern-day professionals face. This is particularly the case of parents who have toddlers to tend to, as this phase of growth requires utmost care and attention which cannot be compromised. Day-care centers are institutions intended to address this trouble that parents face on a daily basis, where children as young as six months to five years of age will be taken care of, in a regulated and well-structured setting conducive for their physical and mental growth.

The curriculums that day-care centers follow are...Read More

10 Most Promising Pre Schools and Day Care Service Provider - 2017

Crèches or Day-care centres are mushrooming in top office complexes in Mumbai’s business districts. According to recent estimates, over 25,000 square feet of space in the city has been leased in office complexes for these centres in the last three months alone. The reason: Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Act, 2017, says every commercial office establishment having 50 or more employees shall have a crèche facility/daycare centre within such distance as may be prescribed, either separately or along with common facilities.

While...Read More

10 Most Promising K-12 Technology Providers - 2017

 Books and contextual studying seem to be a thing of a bygone era. During contemporary times when learning is taking a more visual curve, features like gamification and augmentation are the driving force behind the modern uptake on learning and knowledge gaining. Institutes & individuals are demanding a thorough means of lesson proffering and practical applications that don’t replicate the archaic bookish knowledge. K-12 tech is exploring and cementing the connection between learning & technology while filtering out the complexity of the latter. As K-12,...Read More

10 Most Promising Education Apps-2017

The education space is witnessing unprecedented developments as mobile learning, tablets in the classroom and apps replacing textbooks have become trends that promise to reorganize the segment altogether. Educational institutions have welcomed these changes warmly and are strategizing on utilizing the benefits of these tendencies to the maximum. In addition to presenting learning material in an interactive fashion, education apps also provide solutions to ease the onuses of students, parents and teachers.

Specifically designed for educational...Read More

Top Indian Universities – 2017

The concept of Indian universities initially started in 1857 in the three presidencies of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras that were, as per famous Indian sociologist André Béteille, “set up primarily for conducting examinations and awarding degrees, and not for undertaking research or even teaching”. However, post-independence period saw a tremendous shift in educational requirements and rise in the number of Indian universities. From 20 universities, Indian higher education scenario is currently dotted with 677 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11443 stand-alone institutions that are...Read More

siliconindia Education Leaders Book – 2017

Education is the soul of any society. Currently Indian education sector is pegged at $30 billion, and is expected to touch $40 billion by 2017. In recent years, Indian education industry has witnessed a tremendous surge with the shift of attentiveness from public to private sector. Traditionally, our education system has constantly acknowledged formulas over concepts and theories over practice; however,today’s notion of education is witnessing an alteration at a slow and steady pace.Several out-of-the box intellectuals in this industry are revolutionizing the structure by eradicating the biggest...Read More

What If Not IIMs! B-School Survey 2017

As per an internationally acclaimed business website, IIM-A is one of the tenacious institutes with acceptance rate of 0.25 percent. Acceptance into other IIMs like Bangalore and Calcutta is no walk in the park either, with only a handful being able to make the cut out of two lakh aspirants who register for the famed CAT exam. In a nation like ours, where the premier government institutes are kept on a pedestal, the parents and students are in dilemma of pursuing the unconventional management institutes and are plagued by the questions regarding their credibility. These institutes today seek to be the...Read More