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Top 100 Engineering Colleges 2016

Engineering education in India has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, both in number of students and number of colleges. The recent growth in Indian engineering education has been overwhelming due to privately funded educational institutions rather than publicly funded ones.

Often the following questions have been asked, ‘Aren’t there too many engineers?’ or ‘Aren’t there too many
engineering colleges?’ Each of these questions will have answers in positive. The reason being that India and the world will always need human resources not...Read More

College of the Year 2016 - Dec - Jan

Under the 'Modinomics' of Make in India, the Indian higher education system has witnessed a number of changes launching programs that allows faculty resources from abroad at government's expense and a ranking system of our own involving the leading institutes in the country. The matter of concern is the proper budgetary allocation which has not been enhanced for the formulation of these plans.
The Higher Education sector has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of Universities and educational institutes in recent few decades. According to MHRD, 'The number of Universities has...Read More

What If Not IIMs Survey- 2016

While the demand for skilled MBA graduates in the market has been rising exponentially every passing year, statistics shows that the workforce produced by the premiere institutions are not even close to the required number. This is where Business Schools from the private sector make a mark. There are numerous B schools, having a label of high reputation, producing a large number of the required graduates who are equally capable and skilled at their jobs when compared with the premier institutions in India. The fact that this year Delhi School of Business beat all the new IIMs to the race and became...Read More

 Best 25 Colleges to Hire From

Today, India has the potential to become next Asian giant to be a global super power in the near future. The demographic dividend plays a significant role among the factors leading to India's growth. According to the data predicted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) by 2020, India will have 116 million workers in the work in the age group of 20 to 24 years and they will be the real builders of the promising future. With more than 10, 000 educational institutions and nearly 4+ million students graduating from engineering and management colleges, India still faces the problem of lack of...Read More

Top 10 Colleges in AP

There are over 1500 institutes offering a varied range of courses such as engineering, medicine, architecture, nursing, mass communication, dentistry and many more in the state of Andhra Pradesh; the state still runs short in capacity to accommodate students as per their area of interest. AP is said to run short of over 500 institutes only in engineering studies alone and can be imagined how many might fall short in terms of the rest of the courses.

How ever, regardless of the dearth of institutes Andhra Pradesh is one of the most sought after states for educational pursuits. One of the main...Read More

Leading College of the Year

The Union budget has allocated Rs. 28840 crore for higher education for the financial year 2016-17 and are further distributed to the various public educational institutions and universities. Funds allocated are mostly utilized in developing various academic facilities and infrastructural developments of the public institutes which takes the major portion leaving considerably a small amount for the development of private institutes. On the other hand, private institutes further can utilize these funds only in research activities and remain self dependent for their rest of the financial needs and...Read More

Top 20 Private Universities 2016

Since Independence, Indian higher education sector has been witnessing a massive growth in its capacity. From 20 universities in 1947, we now have over 725 universities with nearly 30 million students enrolled in higher education institutions. Every year, millions of students from within the country and abroad, enter these portals mainly for their graduate and post graduate studies. Hence, we are currently ranked among the top three countries in the world in terms of student enrollment.

This tremendous increase is a result of participation of private players in higher education. The size of the...Read More

Training Institute of the Year 2016

Training institutes in general terms are to provide skills, which are required in any given profession or vocations. As time has witnessed plethora of verticals booming up as career opportunities and so does the competition has turned the rock of proficiency manifold. However, this is just one side of a coin, another side reflects the lighting fast development in technology, which demands a rather fast, skilled and readily employable human resources. Hence, a proficient employee is the greatest demand of employers of this millennium.

The Indian market of training institutes offers varied verticals...Read More

Top Preschools in India 2016-September

Preschool, a concept that came from the western world, has a booming business in India. Unlike the regular schools that load students with the heavy schoolbag on their back, preschools offer a wide range of training based on which the rest of their education depend. Often preschools are mistaken as day care centers where working parents keep their wards under supervision until they are back from work. However, preschools offer more than a day care centre. As a home away home, they create the environments and experiences where learning happens, which makes them their child's first teacher. Preschools...Read More

College of the Year- 2016

India is projected to become home to the largest student population in the world by 2025. This indicates an indefinite potential for facilitating and enrolling such a high number of youths into higher education. to take advantage of this demographic dividend, the government of India has already laid plans to push the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) upward from 23.6 percent (as per the 2014-2015 Provisional Report of the All India Survey on Higher Education, AISHE).

On the flipside, a considerable rise of private institutes in the country has reached up to 60 percent of the educational institutes in...Read More