By Sameer Dholakia - CEO, VMLogix
At a time when organizations are frantically trying to cut costs and trim their budgets, 2009 will witness the union of two of the hottest t...more>>
By Mayank Bawa - CEO, Aster Data Systems
Wired Magazine has called our era "The PetaByte Age" - an age of infinite storage, clouds of processors, and most importantly, exponential a...more>>
By Vipul Jain - CEO & MD, Kale Consultants
Every challenge is an opportunity for change. I believe that the current economic downturn poses an opportunity for change both for our cust...more>>
By Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra - Managing Director, Texas Instruments India
India is an emerging market today and is moving towards evolving as an emerged economy in a few years. This presents a 'once-in-a-generation...more>>
By Dr. Amit Kumar - President and CEO of CombiMatrix
With oil trading for less than $40 per barrel and the world immersed in a financial malaise, it is difficult to think about anything besides...more>>
By Raghu Panicker - Sales Director, Mentor Graphics
The business mantra in today's semicon world is to 'Innovate locally and Integrate Globally'. The strategy is to innovate, using the right t...more>>
By Balaji Prabhakar - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University
Fifty years ago, letters and phone calls were the primary modes of communication. The need for more efficient and reliable communication spu...more>>
By Arogyaswami Paulraj - Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
As far as telecommunications is concerned, fundamentally there are no much differences in the Indian ecosystem and of the U.S, as it involve...more>>
By Rich Beyer - Rich Beyer, CEO of Freescale Semiconductor
Industry trends Last year we began exploring three major trends impacting our world, our markets, and our customers. These are The...more>>
By Subhasish Mitra - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Stanford University
When I think of research opportunities that emerging economies present, my mind goes back to something that Mohamed Yunus, Nobel Laureate an...more>>
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