By S.Senthil Kumaran - CEO, Derisk IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Emerging Mobile Devices Security Challenges Across the globe, the usage of small wireless mobile devices such as PDAs, Blackberrys...more>>
By Ramesh Sundararaman - Director, Mobile Computing, Motorola Enterprise Mobility
All characters in this article including Mr. Kam Dham, Mr. Vig Gyani, Ms. AajTech Consulting, and Ms. Past Group are fictional and any resem...more>>
By C Mohan Ram - Managing Director, Lattice Bridge Infotech
Prologue You open any newspaper, TV Channel, or any other media publication. Phenomena like ’recession’ and ‘job cuts’ are...more>>
By Gaurav Agarwal - Country Manager, Tivoli Software, IBM India/South Asia.
Management Cloud computing, service oriented architecture (SOA), and other rapidly emerging technologies are increasing the threat...more>>
By Sankalp Saxena - Chairman & CEO, Moveo Systems
Mobile phones have rapidly become an essential and integral part of our daily lives. We feel as if a part of us is missing if we forgetfully...more>>
By Sunil Bhargava - CTO, Intellitactics Inc.
In the early history of America, there was a man named Willie Sutton who was an infamous bank robber. When he was asked why he robbed banks ...more>>
By Venky Harinarayanan - Co-Founder, Kosmix
Search is like water; everyone on the Web needs it. 1.2 billion Internet users perform an average of 53 searches every month according to JP...more>>
By Prashant Parekh - CEO, Umundo Corporation
With the advent of smart phones, availability of Wi-Fi and high speed networks like 3G have made communication from the handheld device more...more>>
By Vipin Jain - CEO of Retrevo
The current economic recession we are experiencing affects every business across almost all industries around the globe. And while some spen...more>>
By Krishna Murty Yamajala - Vice President and India Center Head, Virtusa
Cycles of booms and busts are phenomena that have affected economic activity throughout the ages, albeit the scale and impact in the last fi...more>>
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