By Eddy Pauwels - Director, Domain Experts International, Serena Software (India)
Read about how to deal with the recession, how to use 'lean' and 'agile' factors. The world economy has been captured by a recession and p...more>>
By Mark Goudie - Managing Principal, Investigative Response, Asia Pacific, Verizon Business
There is more risk involved in extended enterprises and the level of risk is more for those information that are accessed without authorizat...more>>
By Robert H Chapman - Chairman & CEO, Barry Wehmiller International Resources
Why is it so important to touch the lives of people? In business, we touch the lives of many people. We touch the lives of our shareholders;...more>>
By John G. Waclawsky - Mobile Tribe LLC
While technology is helping us to adapt to living in a sea of on the go connectivity, it is also burying users in an avalanche of media choi...more>>
By Raghav Gupta - VP, Business Development, EMEA at Brightcove
“While online video has been around for a while (.rmv anyone?), it has only been coming into its own over the past few years. As much as i...more>>
By Vijay Rajapat - software consultant and a social media enthusiast.
Thanks to the new digital platforms like social media where technology is empowering people to create, participate, and share content on the...more>>
By Chetan Sharma - President, Chetan Sharma Consulting
Over the last 2-3 years, consumption of digital media has evolved significantly. As content is becoming more digital, as devices are becomin...more>>
By Rakesh Kaul - Vice President, Global IT Services, Corbus
It has been a roller coaster ride, which we don’t know when it all will end. With each passing day, the ride seems to be getting more comp...more>>
By Stephanie Moore - CMO, UST Global Inc
It's a fact: today corporate governance and IT governance are inextricably linked. However, while it is obvious senior executives cannot pro...more>>
By Pramod Bhasin - President & CEO, Genpact
The world has changed dramatically in the last 6-12 months, as we all know. The weak economic scenario has changed the business focus of com...more>>
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