By Ragula Bhaskar - CEO, FatPipe Networks
I see a number of trends in the IT industry that will soon play a central role in shaping up successful business practices, and have a domin...more>>
By Kris Gopalakrishnan - CEO & Managing Director, Infosys Technologies
Business wants to achieve three things - higher growth, higher profits and better asset efficiency. Together, they impact shareholder value....more>>
By Janakiraman S - President and Group CEO, Product Engineering Services, MindTree
It is a great sense of satisfaction when I look back into my IIT days at Chennai. Being an IITian, I must admit that IIT education through t...more>>
By Alok Mittal - General Partner, Canaan Partners
For years, enterprise buyers have driven technology venture markets. The mantra for success was to create a product or service offering for ...more>>
By Kedar Sohoni - President, Informate Mobile Intelligence
Necessity might always have been the mother of invention, but development has often been driven by demand. In this case, the demand has come...more>>
By Ajay Jain - President and CEO, Quantum Secure
A recent article about Fannie Mae, a U.S. government-sponsored enterprise chartered by Congress to provide liquidity, stability, and afforda...more>>
By Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala - Founder, TENET
Often, I’m asked about the state of ‘research’ in India. In spite of having one of the best educational institutes in the world, IIT, ...more>>
By Harish Gandhi - Executive Director at Canaan Partners
Mobile VAS (MVAS) presents tremendous opportunities to build new businesses in India. A lot of new VAS vendors have emerged in the industry ...more>>
By Sunil Sikka - CEO of Havells India Ltd.
The current scenario in the electrical equipment sector is a potential portent for huge growth as the demand for technologicaly better solut...more>>
By Sanjeev Agrawal - CEO of Aloqa
In the next few years, phones will change in three fundamental ways to become a lot ‘smarter’ than they are today. Phones will add value...more>>
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