Pharmaceuticals - Healthy Future Ahead -By-Ranga Iyer
By Ranga Iyer - Manging Director, Wyeth Limited; President, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India
Two industries have put India on the world map – IT and pharmaceuticals. India’s pharmaceuticals industry, currently valued at over $ 8 ...more>>
Sailing through a Rough Weather -By-Shri S.Hajara
By Shri S.Hajara - Chairman & Managing Director, The Shipping Corporation of India
The shipping sector plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the country and is extremely vital for the strategic reasons of ener...more>>
Having Lost its Competitive Advantage, Textile Industry Faces Decline -By-Sanjay K Jain
By Sanjay K Jain - Joint MD, TT Textiles Limited
The Indian textile industry has been one of the foremost contributors to the country's employment, exports, and GDP. The industry has been r...more>>
Telecom the Great Leveler of  Social & Economic Strata -By-Anil Nair
By Anil Nair - Managing Director, Avaya GlobalConnect (AGC)
The phenomenal growth of Indian telecom sector in the last ten years has been the most defining development in India's history, which is sec...more>>
India The Road Ahead for Retail -By-Govind Shrikhande
By Govind Shrikhande - Customer Care Associate & CEO, Shopper's Stop
The challenges before Indian retailing in the past year have been unprecedented in both scale and scope, with a number of factors derailing ...more>>
The Challenges of  Prepaid Cards Business -By-Shrihari Bhat
By Shrihari Bhat - Senior Vice President and Country Manager, India Markets, Fidelity National Information Services
Research indicates that the global economic downturn is weighing heavily on the growth of the card markets (credit and debit) worldwide, whi...more>>
Future Outlook for Cement Sector, strong -By-Vinod Juneja, Managing Director, Braj Binani Group
By Vinod Juneja, Managing Director, Braj Binani Group - Managing Director, Braj Binani Group
The cement sector is gearing up for a fast track growth and the next few years will see the sector zooming past new milestones. The producti...more>>
Indian Infrastructure Sector - Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Growth -By-Anil Seth
By Anil Seth - Chairman of Subhash Projects and Marketing Limited
The Infrastructure sector in India is traversing through one of its most interesting phases today. If we look at our growth pattern over the...more>>
4 Important Entrepreneurial Lessons -By-Bharat Desai
By Bharat Desai - Chairman, Syntel
The story of Syntel is one of transition and evolution. I moved to the United States in the late 1970s while working for an Indian technolog...more>>
Mobile Apps: Hot Space to Watch -By-Ajay Kulkarni
By Ajay Kulkarni - CEO, Sensobi
Smarter mobile applications that understand more about you and offer a personalized experience based on your usage patterns. There is a weal...more>>
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