By Susindar K Subramanian - Head, VP, GM-PR, Corp. Communication, Infotech Enterprises.
Sleepless nights with all kinds of butterflies in one’s stomach, if one gets to sleep - nightmares about market reaction to the advertisin...more>>
By Sudarshan Yadav - Sr Program Manager, Remote Desktop Virtualization, Microsoft India Development Center.
Information Technology (IT) is one of the important functions in an organization and is a key value generator. In the current economic condi...more>>
By Sajai Krishnan - President and CEO of ParaScale.
Every two to three years the hi-tech industry throws up the next shiny thing. But every decade or so comes a game-changing transformational ...more>>
By Anurag Goel - Co-founder and CTO/VP Systems & Software at Altierre Corp.
The Enterprise Wireless Space is undergoing a similar evolution where some technologies are being shoehorned into spaces where they don’t ...more>>
By Shailesh Goswami - Professional Development Resource Manager, Microsoft Global Services India.
To get success in a software project, Software requirements analysis is critical. The new system must be as good in performance as the le...more>>
By Krishnan Ganesh - Founder and CEO, TutorVista
Entrepreneurship is in fashion; and articles abound in the media talking about how to launch a startup and make it big. This could be anothe...more>>
By Srikanth Seshadri - Technical Lead, Thoughtworks
A key component of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Most often ESB is used as a silver bullet to c...more>>
By Shaju Nair - Director, Global CRM & Loyalty, IBS Software Services
Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, the list seems endless. Online social networking - a networking model that has seen viral growth - has b...more>>
By Yogesh Devi - Principal, Perot Systems
Cloud computing is at the leading edge of its hype curve. On the other hand, Service oriented architecture (SOA) hype is subsiding. No wonde...more>>
By Bharat Goenka - The author is Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tally Solutions India
"Quo vadis?" is a Latin phrase that means "Where are you going?" in plain English. For most of us in business, an occasional look into hist...more>>
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