By Janna Quitney Anderson - Director, the Imagining the Internet Center
At the Imagining the Internet Center ( we ask people how they see the future unfolding and we document their...more>>
By Srinivas Konidena - Executive Manager, ADP India
Background Products are of varied nature. Some of the factors that bring about the variation are size (build size, functional bread...more>>
By Orcun Tezel - Technical Director, 3Com Asia Pacific
Today, discussions on green IT go beyond servers and storage equipment. Enterprises, regulators and IT leaders are beginning to look at netw...more>>
By Amar Singh - President and CEO of Amitive
The enterprise software industry is in the midst of a new revolution. The stakeholders are re-thinking their role and relevance in the indus...more>>
By Nandan Nilekani - Co-Chairman, Infosys Technologies
I have rubbed my shoulders with two or three companies in the past two decades of my career. While one has been that of co-founding and runn...more>>
By Barry Murphy - Director - Product Marketing, Mimosa Systems
The commercially available email archive solutions perform the basic task of collecting email and storing them in an indexed database for fa...more>>
By Upen Varanasi - Co-Founder and CEO, Riversand Technologies
Everyone must have heard of Web 2.0 by now. Various software gurus across the globe have been touting Web 2.0 for the past 3-4 years. Wikipe...more>>
By Sajai Krish - President & CEO, Parascale
Thinking metaphorically, my mind goes back to the movie Lagaan, and the scene where the farmers are waiting for the first monsoon clouds to ...more>>
By Avi Basu - President and CEO Connectiva Systems
This is the critical information lifeblood for the enterprise, which provides decision makers up-to-the minute business insights - often thr...more>>
By Nimish Mehta - CEO of LumenData
Enterprise Software is at an inflection point. Over the past 15 years, it has gone from a fast growth, innovative industry to one that looks...more>>
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