What lies ahead for  Indian businesses? -By-S Sridharan
By S Sridharan - Managing Director of TAKE Solutions
The past year has turned out to be, to put it mildly, one of the most volatile global economic seasons in history, and its ripples were felt...more>>
Nuclear Radiation Detection Through motes -By-Sridharan Mani
By Sridharan Mani - Director and CEO, American Megatrends India
This article is not to debate on whether the nuclear energy is needed or not. Nuclear energy has become part and parcel of our day-to-day li...more>>
Want to build a high-growth enterprise that will create a lot  of valu... -By-Arvin Babu
By Arvin Babu - Partner, Greylock Advisors India.
Good margins and good growth create great value. Sectors growing faster than GDP and attracting capital include traditional sectors such as ...more>>
Cloud Computing A Perspective -By-Nirmallya Mukherjee
By Nirmallya Mukherjee - Director of Solutions Development, Technology Innovation Center, Perot Systems.
Overview Cloud computing as a concept glues together several other, often independent, concepts in a complimentary way to open up ...more>>
An Open Letter to the Youth of India  -By-Suresh Elangovan
By Suresh Elangovan - CEO and Managing Director, Mindlogicx.
My dear friend! Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and trampled into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstan...more>>
Making Automated Functional Testing Work in SaaS and Agile Environment... -By-Jim Walsh
By Jim Walsh - CTO, GlobalLogic
One of the major barriers to test automation is the volatility of the application to be tested. Even benign changes such as moving a button ...more>>
IITs & Entrepreneurs -By-Sashi Reddi
By Sashi Reddi - Founder and Chairman, AppLabs and FXLabs
Probably everyone knows of one or more IIT alumni who have become successful entrepreneurs. Who hasn’t heard of Vinod Khosla, the Infosys ...more>>
Is Your Financial Advisor on Your Side? -By-Sanjeev Sardana
By Sanjeev Sardana - President and CEO, BluePointe Capital Management LLC
From traditional brokers to independent financial advisors, where can the high net worth investors turn to for objective financial advice th...more>>
What will Facilitate 'Research' in India? -By-M.S. Ananth
By M.S. Ananth - Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
It's important to give all that you have when you have the chance. Most of the technologists in the Valley may not be contributing their all...more>>
The World is Not Flat It’s Vertical -By-Vipin Jain
By Vipin Jain - CEO, Retrevo
I recently had the opportunity to talk about verticalization at a Silicon Valley event. I described what verticalization means, why it happe...more>>
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