By Sandeep Dhar - CEO, Tesco Hindustan Service Centre
The success of India in the Information Technology space and as an emerging destination for R&D is no new story. However, over the years the...more>>
By Naresh Ajwani - Managing Director of SVTL, and President of CCAOI
As Indians, we are all very proud of the success story of telecom in India, but ‘would the Internet, and especially the broadband experien...more>>
By Naresh Wadhwa - President and Country Manager, Cisco - India & SAARC
Though India was largely cushioned from the effects of the global recession it did affect businesses in nearly every industry. As the econom...more>>
By Pradip Dutta - Corporate Vice President & MD, Synopsys India
We have heard too many times that India is a land of huge potential. If the statement seemed routine in the past, there is a definite shift ...more>>
By Som Mittal - President of NASSCOM
The past decade saw the Indian IT industry placing India on the world map. It helped create a new, contemporary and topical peg of recall fo...more>>
By Krishnakumar Natarajan - CEO & Managing Director, MindTree
The Indian IT Industry has had unprecedented success in the last two decades. The Industry is recognised today as a World leader and one of ...more>>
By Keshav Murugesh - President & CEO, Syntel
The emergence of India as an economic and technological powerhouse may be the most surprising, most compelling, most inspiring story of the ...more>>
By Shouvick Mukherjee - VP & Head, Yahoo! India Research & Development
India has transformed itself from being a country providing only low-end support in the information technology space to an innovation hub fo...more>>
By Dr. Vivek Mansingh - Country Head of Dell India R&D
I have recently attended the World Economic Forum in Delhi. The event was not only well attended by the industry leaders from India and abro...more>>
By Shantanu Ghosh - Vice President – India Product Operations of Symantec Software
Innovation is a new way of doing something. It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, pr...more>>
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