By Steve Sanghi - Steve Sanghi, CEO of Microchip
The user interaction becomes the best mantra for any electronic manufacturing firm to stay ahead in the game, facilitated by the microcontro...more>>
By Satyam Priyadarshy - Co-founder & Chief Knowledge Guru at RKR Group
Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are important transforming agents of health care and public health, their power and capabilities are limited to achievin...more>>
By Raj Tumuluri - CEO, Openstream
The keyboard and mouse as input devices have revolutionized the computer interaction for decades now. Perhaps, nothing could make me realize...more>>
By Somak Chattopadhyay - Vice President, Greenhill SAVP
Although this recession is impacting all facets of economy, some segments of the industry are riding the tailwinds of industries that must c...more>>
By Mukul Singhal - Associate at Cannan Partners
Since last six to nine months, there is early adoption in B2B Internet ventures that are trying to organize fragmented businesses, with busi...more>>
By Shankar Narayanan - CEO of Spime
Looking back at 1999, the annual production of mobiles was less than 200 million worldwide; MP3 was yet to be launched, no Smartphones. Just...more>>
By Anand Kuliza - CEO of Kuliza Technologies
“The flexibility and speed with which organizations incorporate feedback is a measure of their capability to innovate and create economic ...more>>
By Nick Sharma - CEO, CSS
India’s key strength in continued leadership in providing resources for the IT industry comes from its large talent pool. The size, qualit...more>>
By Anupam Phuja - MD, SumTotal Systems
The other day when I was going through Abdul Kalam’s ‘India of my dreams’ I envisioned what a great role the IT sector has cut out for...more>>
By Subramanyam S - CEO of Ascent Consulting
Today, India has adapted to the growing knowledge orientation in each industry and would certainly be a leader in the R&D for many industry ...more>>
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