By Sathvik Krishnamurthy - President and CEO of Voltage
Sophisticated data breaches have made consumers more data security savvy as they contend with a barrage of hackers who have switched from st...more>>
By Ajay Jain - President and CEO, Quantum Secure
Today’s tough economy and financial outlook provides a sobering reminder that an abundance of capital (as was the case recently) is not th...more>>
By Murli Thirumale - CEO of Ocarina Networks
Enterprise storage vendors have to adapt quickly to two changes. Firstly, adopt the technologies of Solid state devices (SSDs), Dedupe and C...more>>
By Niraj Tenany - CEO and a Co-founder
Today's internet-savvy customers look everywhere for essential information that will enable them to make smart buying decisions. Our custome...more>>
By Viswanath Poosala (Vishy) - Head of Bell Labs - India, Alcatel-Lucent
A few decades ago, India was seen as a producer of finished goods for the international market, or if we put it bluntly, we were seen as a d...more>>
By Arun Balakrishnan - CEO & Founder,
Arriving at the valuation of an internet startup is considered as an art, which is perhaps the best mask for the cluelessness of an entrepre...more>>
By Ajit Balakrishnan - CEO of Rediff
With mobile phones experiencing a phenomenal growth in India, I see it as an emerging device for Internet access that will grow in the futu...more>>
By Ravi Subramanian - CEO, Berkeley Design Automation
The semiconductor industry’s recovery is underway. After floating many predictions of 30 percent declines expected for the industry in 200...more>>
By Sai Gundavelli - Founder & CEO of Solix Technologies
A decade from now corporate IT will look very different from today. All organizations will buy nearly all their computer functionality and i...more>>
By Prakash Agarwal - Co-Founder and President, CEO of iKoa
There is a continual growth in the Semiconductor industry, however, it is one-sided. The opportunities for new players with niche products a...more>>
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