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November - 2016 issue
One morning sitting in a well-lit room of Kanpur IIT Dheeraj Pandey was solving linear algebra, set ... more>>
Data is the Lifeblood of the Digital Economy
Suresh Ramakrishnan - VP, SAP Digital
The age of digital transformation is truly upon us and going strong. Every day, we hear of a new com... more>>
October - 2016 issue
"INEFFICIENT AND DYSFUNCTIONAL." That's how Vinod Nair likes to describe the healthcare climate t... more>>
IoT Enabled Innovation
Prith Banerjee - EVP & CTO, Schneider Electric
In this article, I would like to talk about IoT enabled innovation. At Schneider Electric, we believ... more>>
September - 2016 issue
On March 10th, 2000, the NASDAQ peaked at 5,132.52 before closing at 5,048.62; afterwards it fell as... more>>
Bhusan Chand - VP, Head of Practice at Fujitsu North America
We are living in a software driven society. If you need something done quickly and efficiently, you ... more>>
August - 2016 issue
February 23, 2016, the One Kearny Club at San Francisco, CA was bustling with the presence of storag... more>>
Shahid Shah - Co-Founder & CEO, Netspective Communications
Most of the pressing problems in healthcare cannot be solved without agile multi-stakeholder and mul... more>>
July - 2016 issue
Just six months after joining IIT Madras, two highly ambitious freshmen-George Kurian and his younge... more>>
In today's digital era, most enterprises are focused on extending their workspace beyond t... more>>
June - 2016 issue
Various companies wage code brawls or Hackathons as a fun yet productive means to stimulate the mind... more>>
Suresh Ramakrishnan - VP, SAP Digital
The age of digital transformation is truly upon us and going strong. Every day, we hear of a new com... more>>
May - 2016 issue
Increasingly, companies across the world are beginning to be dotted with impactful leaders of Indian... more>>
April - 2016 issue
Hardwired for Success The conference room at the Open-Silicon office in Milpitas, CA is f... more>>
Foundation of A Connected World-Silicon Adding Value
Dr.Srikanth Kommu - SVP & CTO, SunEdison Semiconductor (SSL)
In the past three decades, we have experienced key technological waves driving market trends in the ... more>>
March - 2016 issue
The tax season is underway; not that anyone is going to forget about it! The prep ads are all over d... more>>
Off with its head: The Future of Content Management
Sandeep Sood - VP-Software Engineering, Capital One
Software is getting smaller. The era of the monolithic, all-in-one enterprise solution is giving way... more>>
February - 2016 issue
Ask sci-fi fanatics, how they celebrated their holidays in the fall of 2015, and the majority would ... more>>
The Changing Landscape of eCommerce and Challenges for
Ajit Sivadasan - VP/GM Global eCommerce, Lenovo
In a world defined by internet ubiquity, eCommerce, is arguably the most impactful and transformativ... more>>
January - 2016 issue
Redeem Software-Integrated Design Led Product Life-Cycl
Pramath Bakliwal - CEO, Empower Integrated Solutions
With a strong focus to create and consume in India through an integrated "designed and manufactured... more>>
SenecaGlobal: Personifying Information Technology for E
Edward Szofer, Rao Tummalapalli - President, CEO & Co-Founder, Managing Director & Co-Founder, SenecaGlobal
Technology has played a major role in the transformation of the web development landscape in the las... more>>