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February-2016  issue
Cover Story
Author: SI Team
Ask sci-fi fanatics, how they celebrated their holidays in the fall of 2015, and the majority would probably say by gaping the latest Star Wars' episode. And why not since the beloved character Han Solo-played by Harrison Ford-was back... more>>
In My Opinion
Ajit Sivadasan -VP/GM Global eCommerce, Lenovo
In a world defined by internet ubiquity, eCommerce, is arguably the most impactful and transformative business model we have... more>>
Indian American View
Sashi Reddi
As an Indian-American I am awaiting my turn. The latest campaign of hate is targeting Muslims, but what does a Muslim look... more>>
20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers 2016
Incorporating the interwoven mega-trends of the cloud, social media, big data, the security sector continues to disrupt the... more>>
SI Team
Cyberspace is constantly evolving and presenting organizations with new opportunities, as the desire of businesses to quickly... more>>
SI Team
Enterprises of today are embracing the booming phenomenon of cloud computing and usage of cloud services that are offered as... more>>
SI Team
A decade ago, enterprise security was all about having a strong firewall and a robust antivirus to protect all the computing... more>>
SI Team
Cloud adoption is growing exponentially day by day. With a noticeable shift of organizations towards cloud services and mobile... more>>
SI Team
"If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss," said Sun Tzu in 'The Art of... more>>
SI Team
What would you do if an unknown uninvited guest enjoys a free ride in your enterprise network? What would you do if malicious... more>>
SI Team
Great minds think alike. That is what one could say about Tanuj Gulati and Sachin Nayyar who met in Los Angeles and made waves... more>>
SI Team
The Identity and Access Management (IAM) space is changing rapidly. While the traditional focus has been on employees and their... more>>
SI Team
Majority of enterprises are leveraging cloud due to its scalability, agility, and affordability. Along with reducing cost by... more>>
SI Team
The proliferation of new technologies is reshaping the IT infrastructure today; however the dependence on IT makes... more>>
CIO Insights
Ari Bose -VP & CIO, Brocade
I see four big challenges in technology that the networking industry needs to address: 1. Security-End-to-End security... more>>
Giri Durbhakula -VP & CIO, National Pen
The cost of delivering services via the internet as dropped to almost zero, and the potential to personalize products and... more>>
Sachi Sambandan
The march of progress in technology has never stood still, but these days it feels like it's moving at an incalculably swift... more>>
Ram Chandrashekar -EVP, Operational Excellence & IT, President-Asia Pacific Middle East, Manpower Group
Companies are retooling for the technology era: changing how they work, sell, service and deliver. As the world gets smaller... more>>
Lalit Dhingra -President, NIIT Technologies Inc
For most people, digital transformation is much like the story of the six blind men and the elephant: different pieces, but no... more>>
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Last Word
AJ Agrawal -CEO, Alumnify
360 degree view of the customers To have a full, comprehensive view and understanding of your customer, it is critical to... more>>