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Securview Service to Secure BYOD and Cloud
SI Team
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
What would you do if an unknown uninvited guest enjoys a free ride in your enterprise network? What would you do if malicious data is pushed into your robust web applications? What would you do if the digital security trust is exploited? The need of the hour is the source of security to lean on to; a source with best of the breed talent, processes and technology to defeat the malicious content and the ill intent. Well positioned to address the issues is SecurView, a firm that secures and optimizes enterprise networks and IT installations in today's cloud- and mobile-driven enterprise environments.

To allay all the fears of exploitation in a digital enterprise IT infrastructure, SecurView offers a beefy pack of security services and solutions driven by intelligent and trained workforce that is available onsite as well as through remote access. From the newly introduced security Behavior analytics solution, the offerings cover solutions for MDM and Cisco ISE, cloud security, content security, firewall services, incident response and threat management. SecurView's security service delivery platform, CASPER, is the flagship product from the company that integrates 'operate' and 'managed services' in a multi-tenant environment.

With growing BYOD adoption, businesses are increasingly concerned about compliance and data security. SecurView's IDA solution reduces the design and deployment time for BYOD management solution such as Cisco ISE. Cisco partners and customers leverage SecurView's expertise to optimize their network hardware and firewall installations.

As a unique SaaS solution for delivering in-cloud IT services, CASPER, forms a platform for collaboration between customers, channel partners and SecurView driven by knowledge warehouse, patent pending Web 2.0 and white label capabilities. The platform enables sharing of information and management of critical incidences. The company offers a holistic IT infrastructure security apparatus in the form of analytics achieved through data integration from performance trends, policies, vulnerability database, remediation databases, SLA, white label database, and customer and partner information as well as IT infrastructure data that is gleaned through network management applications and third party services. "We delivered CASPER when we entered the managed services business because we felt that customers needed a trusted advisor to provide security services," says Rajeev Khanolkar, President and CEO, SecurView.

Compliance today is an inseparable part of digital security. SecurView's Managed and Cyber Security Services support regulations including ISO, PCI, HIPAA, and more. With expertise in various policy designs and compliance requirements, the company aids organizations in streamlining their security posture, identifying and remediating security gaps in the IT infrastructure, management of IT regulatory requirements and updates which ultimately aim at enabling comprehensive threat visibility, process automation, and reporting transparency in an enterprise.

SecurView enables organizations to be proactive in its security approach. To this end, it offers vulnerability assessment to mitigate security risks. Through customized Dashboards that highlight top vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure it enables organizations to reduce their spend of additional security tools and technologies.

Email and web are one of the main areas of vulnerability for an organization. SecurView helps in securing these areas of vulnerability by offering installation and management services-Cisco's Email Security Appliance and Web Security Appliance.

Spurred by the growth in cloud and mobile, SecurView is on track to fine tune the IT infrastructure efficiency and investment for customers enabling them to focus on their business. "We want to continue to create high-quality and affordable technology in the security environment that any business can benefit from," says Khanolkar.
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