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Securonix Behavior-Based Security Platform Combat Threats
SI Team
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Great minds think alike. That is what one could say about Tanuj Gulati and Sachin Nayyar who met in Los Angeles and made waves in the security world by founding Securonix, a cyber security company. With extensive backgrounds in security, Gulati and Nayyar realized that most of the security technologies available in the market were incapable of handling today’s sophisticated threats.

’We looked at the stunning advances in behavior analytics and wondered why they hadn’t been applied to cyber security,’ says TanujGulati, CTO and Co-founder, Securonix.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Securonix provides a security analytics platform for monitoring security events, as well as activity log data to detect insider threats and advanced targeted attacks.

’We detect threats within the network perimeter and bring them to the security team’s attention,’ says Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix.

The company offers ’Securonix Security Analytics Platform’, a behavior based anomaly detection platform that analyzes and correlates event logs from hundreds of devices and applications including cloud, mobile and Big Data platforms across the entire IT infrastructure. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze all interactions between users, machines and data to detect insider and external cyber threats. The primary use cases delivered by the Securonix platform include the rapid detection of data exfiltration, privilege abuse and malware infections.

’Securonix is a behavior-based platform that learns from the data, and based on what it learns, automatically takes action on threats,’ says Gulati. ’Our algorithms have been refined to deliver accuracy rates over 96 percent.’

Securonix also comes with signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, accounts, and system behaviors to automatically and accurately detect the most advanced data security and fraud attacks, as well as insider threats. The company also offers privileged account analytics that continuously identify and monitor privileged accounts for known and unknown misuse and anomalous, high-risk behavior.

’Our app looks at every action to identify any abuse of these privilege accounts and brings it to the attention of the security analyst,’ says Nayyar.

Securonix Cloud Security Analytics extends enterprise threat monitoring to critical cloud applications and services. The application identifies and monitors usage of cloud applications and services in order to unauthorized data exfiltration attempts. The company also offers a cyber threat app that detects malware by analyzing machines for abnormal behavioral indicators.

Securonix believes in innovating its productline by leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics, and coming up with new techniques and algorithms that detect threats.

’Innovation is the core fabric of Securonix,’ asserts Gulati.

With most of the Fortune 500 as its clientele, Securonix is ready to disrupt the security arena with its best-of-the-breed technology.

’We are utilizing Hadoop and other associated technologies to expand into the Big Data space,’ says Gulati. ’Securonix recently expanded into London, and now we’re planning to expand heavily into other European markets.’
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