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May-2016  issue
Cover Story
Author: SI Team
Increasingly, companies across the world are beginning to be dotted with impactful leaders of Indian origin. These men and women from the Indian diaspora have been fearless in pursuing their ideas and conceptualizing them. This spirit... more>>
siTech20 2016 - 20 Most Promising Technology Companies 2016
SI Team
Company Management Description... more>>
SI Team
In the digital era, ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming businesses every day. Even if a business... more>>
SI Team
Healthcare technology has evolved, from paper to digital, through a combination of market pressure as well as governmental... more>>
SI Team
"Meeting corporate objectives in today's business environment is daunting. Organizations are challenged with digital... more>>
SI Team
Leveraging marketing automation for customer engagement has become priority for most marketers and with rapid advances in... more>>
SI Team
With the advent of mobile-first, cloud-first, and Big Data technologies, industries are focused to become leaders in the... more>>
SI Team
As organizations today embrace the value of a broader, global trade management, the managers-who traditionally spend their time... more>>
SI Team
It was 2008, a time when the market was abuzz with a string of technology trends like big data and cloud. When enterprises were... more>>
SI Team
As the pace of technological growth accelerates day-by-day, Business Continuity management must keep up within companies to... more>>
SI Team
A good cup of coffee from Starbucks can elevate the whole coffee experience from just a beverage ritual. But, the journey... more>>
SI Team
Igniting creative sparks of innovation is in Raj Kellampalli's DNA. Going out of his way to appreciate, acknowledge the team... more>>
Rohyt Belani -CEO & Co-Founder, Phishme
Today, cyber criminals are merciless havoc creators who are crippling giant blue chip venture firms in a fraction of a second... more>>
SI Team
Today, the legal service marketplace is undergoing a major transformation, maturing significantly within a very short time.... more>>
SI Team
"Imagine a server farm that could store twice the data and produce half the heat that it does today." As daunting a pipe dream,... more>>
SI Team
Traditionally, investors have looked to equities, bonds, and cash instruments as places to invest their money, but resulting... more>>
SI Team
The use of mobile devices in the workplace continues to grow at an exponential pace with organizations embracing bring your own... more>>
In My Opinion
Ashwani Choudhary -VP, Global Systems, IT Solutions, GM Financial
Technology is perpetually evolving, and as new trends hit the market, the change can be rapid and sometimes disruptive.... more>>
CEO Insight
Anil Karmel -Founder and CEO, C2 Labs
Organizations are presented with a myriad of choices when determining how to procure, implement, migrate, or scale applications... more>>
Mohit Aron -CEO, Cohesity
Hyper-converged platforms using standardized appliances have completely changed architectural philosophies for enterprise data... more>>
Sureel Bhurat -Co-Founder, Synapse
Let's face it - the process of selecting the right technology to address next generation solutions like enterprise mobility,... more>>
Anil Konkimalla -Founder & CEO, Storeworks
There is a lot of academic debate on the topic of creativity, invention and innovation - Is there a difference? If there is a... more>>
CXO Insights
Amul Merchant -Senior Director, Software Development, Infor
Most organizations have application development teams that are very good at meeting the functional needs of their solutions,... more>>
Debashis Saha -VP, Commerce Platform Infrastructure, eBay
Creating More Scalable and Efficient Technologies It's not just about vendors, but technology in general. Most products and... more>>
Sumit Baluja -Vice President, Tech Mahindra
Eric Schimdt, Executive Chairman of Google commented, "Between the birth of the world and 2003, there were five exabytes of... more>>
Dimple I. Amin -VP Business Operations, Networking Platforms Division & MD , Ciena India
Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are some of the newest technologies affecting telecom... more>>
Pranav Dalal -CEO, Office Beacon
You place an order for your favorite item on a shopping site. Within hours it is on your doorstep. You pitch a compelling sales... more>>
Indian American View
Shashi Reddy
April 1st is April Fools Day. It is also a day on which 600,000 applications are put into a random lottery system to pick the... more>>
Last Word
Viren Shah -CIO & VP, Masco Cabinetry
IT professionals often face dilemmas. And while this is a constant challenge, we aren't alone. It's simply that other business... more>>