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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
"Meeting corporate objectives in today's business environment is daunting. Organizations are challenged with digital transformation, increasing regulatory pressure, and constant threats that disrupt business such as cyber-crime, terrorism, natural events, and market volatility," comments Tejas Katwala, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Continuity Logic. Addressing these challenges require advanced solutions to better understand operational risk, its critical infrastructure, technologies, and suppliers holistically. Existing legacy solutions are no longer effective as they are rigid, operate in silos, fail to adapt to the changing enterprise, and are too costly to maintain. Consequently, organizations are left exposed to information gaps, operational complexities, and unreliable data that make it difficult for decision-makers to access accurate, real-time insights into their operations. Tasked with protecting and enhancing the value of organizations and its assets from such adversity, Continuity Logic offers a software platform to manage Enterprise Business Continuity (BCMP) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) programs. Continuity Logic's platform is positioned by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader because of its ease-of-use and ability to connect people, processes, technology, assets, and supply chain to improve resiliency, lessen operating risk, exhibit regulatory compliance and manage small and large scale operational disruptions. "Our cloud-based platform is a result of our effort to deliver a complete novel approach for today's enterprise," asserts Katwala.

One of the differentiating factors of Continuity Logic's platform is its zero-code configuration that provides exceptional time to value. Organizations can implement and customize the platform without IT assistance or development by Continuity Logic. This is accomplished by its Application Manager that integrates security, data collection, workflow, and business rules. The platform also encompasses a mix of essential features and robust architecture to promote automated program governance. This is achieved through its well-connected and integrated solution suite that seamlessly promotes interaction across different lines of business. "Our platform features a single, converged database that goes beyond other traditional and prescriptive GRC data models. With our data model, we can capture how an organization operates along with all its associations, processes, and dependencies to provide an in-depth view of risk and generate recovery plans in real-time in the case of crisis," explains Katwala. The platform supports customization, process visualization, data and third party integration, program management, and decision-making analytics to cost-effectively operate intelligently. "Our built in analytics engine helps monitor enterprise operations and delivers dynamic reports and dashboards," he states. This helps enterprises proactively watch over ongoing business processes and corporate objectives. Such foolproof capabilities exhibited by the platform are further complemented by Continuity Logic GuideMe and Communicator.

Continuity Logic GuideMe simplifies end user onboarding and training and facilitates users to execute various personalized tasks quickly and efficiently. "With our software, users no longer have to remember how-to contribute to their respective risk programs; instead they can simply follow custom guides for accomplishing day-to-day tasks," states Katwala. This ultimately eliminates heavy and repeat training sessions that plague most GRC platforms and thereby boosts the rate of user adoption. The Continuity Logic Communicator supports the social enterprise by breaking down internal barriers by connecting users to each other and the information they need. In addition, the Continuity Logic Communicator executes automatic notifications to internal and external parties such as suppliers and customers during a disruption.

Delivering Value through Differentiating Approaches

An innovator in the space of Business Continuity and GRC, Continuity Logic capitalizes on a unique execution methodology to digitally model the enterprise. "We take pride in our ability to systematically connect people, process, technology, supply chain, and customer's in-order to cultivate remarkable benefits for our clients," says Katwala. To illustrate such proficiency, Katwala brings-in an interesting case study where a client, a leading Media and Entertainment Company, relied on the prowess of Continuity Logic to implement an enterprise-wide resiliency program. The client faced impediments in managing the risk and compliance regulations owing to its complicated supply chain and diverse business lines-where rules varied from one country to the other. Continuity Logic's platform came into the picture to model operations, determine key resilience factors and produce real-time reports with regards to business continuity and risk management. As a result, the client could manage its core-business operations efficiently, without being worried about GRC implications. Similarly, the company also helped a top 10 US Bank effectively address demanding Dodd Frank regulatory requirements. In healthcare, Continuity Logic is helping hospitals and insurance companies address critical care challenges, regulatory compliance, and security. After hurricane Sandy disrupted operations at a leading children's hospital, Continuity Logic implemented solutions to address downtime procedures, availability of nursing policies, HIPAA compliance, EMR/HER recovery plan management, disaster recovery management, and critical supplier management. "Healthcare is an important market for us. Continuity Logic will continue to invest in building partnerships with CIOs to address the explosion of IoT devices and overall resiliency for hospitals because they more than any other industry must be prepared for known threats but also the unknown and unexpected" remarks Katwala.

To help foster ongoing client successes, the company will continue to work around promulgating operational excellence in the Business Continuity and GRC arena. This will require Continuity Logic to maintain its unique convergence between Business Continuity, GRC, and Business Process Management (BPM) to sustain their streamlined workflow. "Our high reliance on BPM to effectively govern all the solutions offered by us will help us to transcend higher planes in the landscape of corporate governance," delineates Katwala. Besides, the company envisions expanding their cloud-based solution across additional global data centers to attain significant business growth. With these ambitions on the threshold, Continuity Logic will strive to expand its platform to support fully-integrated application development with built in governance and security in the coming years. "We will attain this by walking on our older paths of thinking out-of-box, considering the problem holistically, embracing automation, and most importantly reduce complexity everywhere."
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