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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
In the digital era, ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming businesses every day. Even if a business does not relate with technology, it is strongly influenced by the trends that emerge in the market. However, the tools are changing, and so are the business processes because of new technologies like mobile, cloud computing, business intelligence, data analytics and virtual reality. As such, businesses that want to thrive are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these technologies while they are still relevant and useful. "Our passion is focused towards the latest advances on the technology space," states Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO, Amazech. Towards this objective, by developing a customer-centric approach and understanding the clients' need, "our developers are encouraged to hone their skills and are offered guidance to work on newer technologies to help customers keep abreast with the latest trends," adds Shanthi.

Frisco, TX based, Amazech works to provide solutions leveraging the latest technologies and builds specific enterprise applications for executive levels. "Getting to know the current scenario as well as what is expected in the future helps us design solutions that are scalable and relevant to future usage," says Shanthi. In essence, Amazech has developed multiple specialized products and offers comprehensive solutions for web and mobile space that deliver high business value. The firm provides Onsked, an easy to use online scheduling tool that enables small to mid-sized businesses to function smoothly and efficiently with an organized schedule in place. With the automation cap ability of the tool, customers can save time to schedule dates and appointments. Onsked can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously to book appointments and it can be further linked with mobile applications, which allow sending text alerts and receiving confirmations. Similarly, Amazech provides Cloud or Software-as a-Service based solution-WebDiSC-to its clients in a subscription model. WebDiSC, a distribution channel management software provides an online platform for the manufacturers to connect with their channel partners. The software allows paperless management of supply chain and securely shares sales, stock, and market intelligence information.

Another unique offering from Amazech is Rightraq, a software solution that helps in setting up and monitoring the entire workflow or projects for small to mid-sized businesses. Rightraq is available as cloud based software with web and mobile front (iOS and Android)built using Microsoft platform(.NET and SQL). The software is customizable depending on the client's needs regardless of the industry. It integrates with third party systems like Skype, Google maps, YouTube, drop box, and other third party systems to automatically create projects on need basis and recurring basis for verticals such as construction, health care, pharmaceutical, retail and others."Our technology expertise and project management solution manages the project end-to-end," affirms Shanthi.

With a strong technology foundation, Amazech has also developed an in-house online system- OptiHR -that allows companies to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. "This is a complete solution to track and maintain all details of the requirements, candidates, vendors, clients, and payables," says Shanthi. OptiHR integrates directly with various job boards and with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to promote and attract talent. "Our technology experience gives us the perfect edge to finding the right fit for our clients," extols Shanthi. "Wego beyond the technical know-how and find talent that complements the existing culture of the client."

While Amazech continues to develop software products and solutions-the firm specializes in offering consultants with niche skills as well. Amazech provides technology and functional consultants to its clients while executing projects on a turnkey basis. The firm's team of passionate professionals provides IT consulting and services that include Application Development, Maintenance and Support. Additionally, the firm also provides offshore-based services.

Amazech provides its services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The company has proven expertise in developing enterprise software and delivering unparalleled value for many of its clients. As such, one of the firm's clients, a fortune 500Steel Major wanted to have a web based interface with their distributors across the country for multiple reasons including gaining secondary sales visibility, inventories of their stock. Seeing the customer's need, Amazech developed distribution channel management software "WebDiSC" which was the first solution to be implemented in the manufacturing sector. "The solution was developed in a record turn around time of six months," remarks Shanthi. Later, the solution was successfully integrated with the client's ERP System-SAP. In the end, Amazech was successful in providing implementation support and better visibility of stock positions at different distributor locations. Subsequently, the reporting needs were customized and generated timely.

"Our success is based on our approach and our ability to quickly analyze the data and develop a solution that is efficient and affordable," asserts Shanthi. Amazech has grown on an average of 50-60percent over the last three years. As such, the firm's goal is to continue similar growth in all aspects of the company in the coming days. More importantly, as the velocity of change in business and technology continues to increase, Amazech will transition away from market pressures and focus on innovating efficient solutions and services that will open new frontiers Shanthi Rajaram in the advancement of business.
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