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May - 2016 - issue > CXO Insights
Pranav Dalal
CEO-Office Beacon
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
You place an order for your favorite item on a shopping site. Within hours it is on your doorstep. You pitch a compelling sales concept to a company thousands of miles away. You win the contract. You deliver your client's concepts via a business management application. Your client renumerates you in seconds. You advertise millions of dollars worth of real estate to purchasers half way across the world. It is a reality today where every second, billions of deals are transacted across the globe, all the while without anyone having to leave the confines of their offices or homes. This is what the advancement in technology has enabled us to do today. Effortless luxury when it comes to growing your bottom line. Twenty years ago this would not have been possible. Disruption is here and it is not going anywhere.

However, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to the development of technology. There is room for perfection, for more effortless ease of user interface and the removal of obstacles when it comes to the development of all things software. The world's economies depend on these advancements. This metamorphosis has to be expedited. My suggestion is the integration of technology in all educational systems, it is never too early to begin. Technological knowledge has to be ubiquitous.

In order to succeed, businesses all over have to latch onto the theory of positive disruption, thinking local and acting global. The future is here and entities who do not adapt will fall behind, risk lower revenues and eventually disappear. The onslaught of software has revolutionized the concept of business from a competitive standpoint.

The introduction of business platforms has redefined the competitive edge. Technology has enabled entrepreneurs to start on a level playing field. Access to affordable software has diminished bureaucratic red tape, broken down barriers, eliminated the need for millions of dollars of investment to begin a business. The ability to compete with confidence relies on one's ability to harness the power of technological platforms. Utilizing the most cutting-edge business management applications customized for your business is the only way to run your company's day-to-day operations with seamless effort. Inspired by all the above points, my team and I have developed an integrated system for businesses to function in the most efficient way possible. We are offering software and a service. The utilization of this formula enables businesses to have an expert on hand to operate their software system.

Contrary to popular opinion unemployment does not have to be a byproduct of technology. In fact the antithesis should only be true. Today employment driven apps are more prevalent than ever. This is the new model of employment that defines a "shared economy". Granted there is room for improvement. Current work related apps have created a model that requires employees work for multiple organizations on a contractual basis. The more clients one accumulates the more job security they have. With this new automated economy, commuting and work spaces will be redefined in the future. Perhaps they will be a thing of the past. My advice to entrepreneurs is simple: the world is your oyster, don't shy away from globalization. Technology has afforded us the elimination of borders, overhead costs and political restrictions. It has paved the way for an innovative economy that enables businesses to employ the most unparalleled talent globally. Attracting skilled employees is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to assessing the success of an entrepreneur, marketing is the other. You are no longer just selling to customers within the confines of your borders, your bottom line depends on the globalization of your sales. Marketing has never been more attainable. Gone are the days when advertising costs were what separated Fortune 500 companies from a start up. With the invention of free social media platforms, reaching your audience no matter where they are, has never been more feasible. But how does one make it work you ask? It all begins with the realignment of one's mindset.

Present day success is determined by the willingness of business owners to switch mindsets from the traditional to a shared and innovative economy. It is undoubtedly the psychological acceptance of positive disruption that will determine whether the outcome is favorable or not. Entrepreneurs and their teams have to come to terms with the fact that the exploitation of software on every level, is what will ultimately enable companies to implement a seamless delivery process for customers. In today's economy, it is highly imperative to relentlessly evolve. Superstar tech entrepreneurs perpetually redefine and ameliorate their platforms. No longer can a business deliver the "same old" product for years to come. We live in a society where consumers have an insatiable appetite for only the eminent. Word of mouth has never been more powerful. This is very much tied in with the fact that technology has vastly advanced every means of communication thus enabling the masses to broadcast their consumer experiences in real time.

Whether it is the infrastructure that enables you to receive a product from your computer screen to your doorstep or win a contract millions of miles away without leaving the confines of your office the technological revolution has only begun and your success is determined by one thing: a swift adherence to disruption or risk falling behind.
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