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August-2016  issue
Cover Story
Author: si Team
February 23, 2016, the One Kearny Club at San Francisco, CA was bustling with the presence of storage industry fraternity. The star of the show was a burgeoning, eight year old company, Nimble Storage (NYSE:NMBL). But, the prominent... more>>
In My Opinion
Shahid Shah -Co-Founder & CEO, Netspective Communications
Most of the pressing problems in healthcare cannot be solved without agile multi-stakeholder and multiinstitution data... more>>
20 Most Promising Big Data Companies 2016
si Team
Company Management Description... more>>
si Team
Most organizations today are facing tremendous challenges in enhancing the data analytical capabilities due to the continuous... more>>
si Team
As businesses grapple with diverse datasets, enterprises see a dire need to conduct fast-cycle data analysis to get a quick... more>>
si Team
If data holds the secrets to better business decisions, then advanced analytics is the means to getting data to reveal that... more>>
si Team
"Data is useless, if it fails to tell a story," begins Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards. Every organization is overwhelmed with... more>>
si Team
One of the biggest challenge being witnessed in any analytical exercise is preparation of required data in the scheduled time.... more>>
si Team
A data scientist employed by a financial firm was performing mortgage analysis based on a list of people likely to renew their... more>>
si Team
As a passionate doctor, Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President at Enziime carried... more>>
si Team
Today, the proliferation of data in terms of volume, variety and velocity has reached an unprecedented level. With the world's... more>>
si Team
Sensitive information is being stored in different types of environments-one being big data. The percentile is 50 percent using... more>>
si Team
The advent of cloud technology has paved the way for analytics and Business Intelligence(BI) tools in the big data landscape,... more>>
Rama Dhuwaraha -AVC & CIO, University of North Texas System
The benefits of cloud computing for the Education industry can only be realized if we align our education and IT strategy. This... more>>
Sriram Padmanabhan -SVP, NIIT Technologies
By 2020, more than six billion smartphones will be in operation worldwide, becoming more pervasive than traditional landlines.... more>>
Sachin Chheda -Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Nutanix
In today's datacenter, the enterprise applications customers run range from tier 0/1 applications and databases, to next... more>>
Nari Viswanathan -VP, River Logic
There is so much data these days; some say it's just too much. In the field of healthcare, big data promises to reduce... more>>
Suheb Siddiqui -Managing Director, , PwC
In his economic theory magnum opus, Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith says, "Wherever there is great property, there is great... more>>
Indian American View
Sashi P. Reddi
India is the largest importer of defence related equipment in the world. Of its annual spend of over $50 Billion on arms, over... more>>
Last Word
Sushil Garg - CEO, BirchStreet Systems
Data never sleeps. For years, companies have struggled to glean meaningful insights from data in order to better run their... more>>
SI Index
si Team
Sagaya Christuraj
Another exciting year, another milestone. siliconindia turns 19 this month. From a small entity two decades ago to being at... more>>