December-2015 issue
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Author: Anamika Sahu
Guest-centric technology from RezNext Global Solutions helps hoteliers leverage the boom in online bookings to maximise profitability. more>>

In My Opinion

Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D)
Microsoft India (R&D) is one of the fastest growing subsidiary companies of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in IT... more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015

si Team
Indian startups have travelled a long way from being the back-stage errand officials for foreign organizations, to being the... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015-Educational Technologies

si Team
Education - the basic human right has a long impressive history to its credit. more>>

Startup of the Year - AdTech

si Team
Most digital marketing companies settle with standard platform inventories as they perceive adtech as just being SSP, DSP or a... more>>

Startup of the Year - Healthcare IT

si Team
At the time where everything is going online and people are buying almost everything from grocery to gadgets on web stores, the... more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: Internet of Things

si Team
With companies and investors pouring in billions of dollars, IoT, which is globally celebrated as the next big thing, is... more>>

Startup of the Year : Digital Payment

si Team
How convenient would it be if you had your mobile handle all your everyday financial transactions andspare you the exasperation... more>>

Startup of the Year-2015: ASIC Design Services

si Team
The declining PC market elevated next big things in the market - Smart Devices, to boost semiconductor sales and maintain the... more>>

Startup of the Year - Digital Marketing Solutions

si Team
This seems to be the calling for Sandeep Pandey and Sandesh Pandey, who despite of hailing from medical and technology... more>>

Startup of the Year-2015: m-Learning

si Team
2010, a year of innovation, rapid growth and emerging technologies in cloud, analytics and our very own smartphones were at the... more>>

Startup of the Year - Financial Services

si Team
Indians usually fall prey to wrong and unregulated financial schemes due to ignorance about savings and investing. Due to this,... more>>

Startup of the Year: Workforce management

si Team
With the changing consumer behavior and multiple options available to them, the concept of brand loyalty is obsolete. more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: Interactive eLearning

si Team
Gone are the days when classroom training was the only option.Learning has gone through rapid and unprecedented changes,... more>>

Startup of the Year - e-Commerce

si Team
Are you a merchant and have a store? more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: Mobile Payment

si Team
The age is of mobile. From calls, instant messages, social network to recharge, bill payment and virtual currency, everything... more>>

Startup of the Year - Healthcare Solutions

si Team
The introduction of smartphones and internet has changed the way people used to perceive healthcare; from curative to... more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: Financial Analysis

si Team
Bhagyashree has earned a good bonus and wants to invest the entire amount. more>>

Startup of the Year-2015: Industrial Automation

si Team
The first industrial revolution witnessed exordium of machines supplementing human labor. more>>

Startup of the Year: Cloud Computing

si Team
The popularization of smartphones has paved the way for the evolution of online shopping, mobile banking and aggregation of... more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: eLearning

si Team
The global eLearning market has sustained a steady growth with increasing mobile consumers and India is not far behind. more>>

Startup of the Year - Innovative Mobile App Development

si Team
In 2015, over one billion smartphones will be sold globally, proclaims University of Alabama. more>>

Startup of the Year: Semiconductor IP

si Team
Semiconductor IP development is an expensive and risky venture that crushes startups with behemoth of pressure. more>>

Startup of the Year 2015: Hotels Aggregator

si Team
It all started with a bad experience at a Hotel in Agra, where Pradeep Sajjan - a high-profile executive - was exposed to a... more>>

Startup of the year: Restaurant Management Solution

si Team
With the rise of disposable income, urbanization and nuclear families, restaurants have transmuted into more than just a place... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015: Software & Product Development

si Team
21st Century has witnessed a tremendous growth in digitization, hardware and software industries. more>>

Startup of the Year 2015: N-Commerce

si Team
Saurabh Singla grew up watching his mother order her daily groceries over the phone to the nearest kirana store and a delivery... more>>

Startup of the year-2015: Software Testing

si Team
The sultry topic of the town for a long time now is 'Testers must code'. Albeit it is entirely from a developer's perspective,... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015- Geographical Information System

si Team
In 2005, an era when begetting quality yet cost-effective innovations in Open Source GIS was beyond the boundaries of... more>>

Startup of the Year-2015: Hospitality

si Team
In the present day, blessings of Information Technology have not left hospitality industry untouched. Amending technology and... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015- iOS

si Team
India has more than 300 million kids less than eight years old, the number of users is increasing exponentially and there is... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015: IT Infrastructure

si Team
'Adopt or Die' has been the survival mantra since long befitting not just living creatures but businesses too. more>>

Startup of the Year - ERP Implementation

si Team
In the entire business community, SMEs hold over 80 percent of business. more>>

Startup of the Year - 2015: IT Consulting

si Team
Technology is one of the most crowded markets, but if we do well there, we kenned we've got something exhilarating. more>>

Startup of the Year 2015 - Big Data

si Team
Ami Gal (Co-Founder & CEO, SQream) has always been confident that Big Data is one of world's most exiting phenomena that could... more>>

Startup of the Year 2015 - Web Development & Design

si Team
The Digital India initiative gave wings to various companies, especially startups and SMBs to take advantage of it by having an... more>>

CIO Insights

Aniruddha Paul, Chief Information Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank (BSE: 500247; NSE: KOTAKBANK) is fourth largest Indian private sector bank by private market... more>>
Julie Cullivan, CIO, Fire Eye
'Are we vulnerable to a cyber attack?' more>>
Jonathan Lowsley, CIO, ADrive
When looking at any business there are key performance indicators that measure the success of the company. more>>

CXO Insights

Dr. Willy C. Shih, Board of Director, Flex
A day doesn't go by now without some news report on driverless cars or a new 'collaborative' robot, or maybe the latest... more>>
George Chacko, Principal Systems Engineer, Brocade India
The technology industry operates on micro and meta innovation cycles. Micro-cycles happen every hour, day, week, and year. But... more>>
Helen Arnold, Chief Information Officer and Chief Process Officer, SAP SE
SAP SE (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is a European multinational software corporation that makes... more>>
Prasad Kulkarni - Partner and Head, ERP Advisory, KPMG-India
Products and services pertaining to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have come a long way from automation to revolutionizing... more>>
By Rajiv R, Network Engineer, AirAsia India
Today, with the advent of Low Cost Carriers, travel by air is very affordable. Gone are the days when it was meant for the rich... more>>
Dinesh Pillai, CEO, Mahindra SSG
As millions of young, urban Indians joined hands a couple of months back to send out their views to the telecom regulatory... more>>

CEO Insight

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India
The key business drivers for the adoption of Software Asset Management (SAM) in organizations have changed over the years.... more>>
Colonel Jitender Minhas, CEO, JSSATE-STEP
Well! This does not refer to the opening episode of the great TV serial 'Game of Thrones', and definitely not to the... more>>
Sheen Chungath, CEO - Sesame Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
As every market is getting highly competitive, every company is running around looking for techniques to improve their business... more>>

VC Talk

Tim Hoerr, CEO & Managing Partner, Serra Ventures
Startups are one of the hardest endeavors you'll ever engage in. more>>
Ahad Merchant, Vice President, Willfly Venture
Fund promoted by one of the leading business group in Event & Exhibition based out of Mumbai, Willfly venture is a fresh... more>>


si Team
It is said that if you don't love your life too much, then open your own company. But how can we forget that these newbies in... more>>
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