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New Indictrans Technologies: Transforming GIS Technology into a Simple & AffordableService

si Team
Thursday, December 3, 2015
si Team
In 2005, an era when begetting quality yet cost-effective innovations in Open Source GIS was beyond the boundaries of consideration or even possibilities, a group of passionate engineering final year students confidently forayed into the arena to realize the dareful dream and started to reap-in the technical expertise. Under the guidance of a Professor Jitendra Shah from VJTI, Mumbai, thispool of best minds endeavored to localize useful software to extend its reach to the rural community and they bagged a name 'Indictrans', owing to the same efforts. Driven by such creative thoughts, the Indictrans established a remarkable benchmark in the industry by developing the first Unicode font in Indian Launguage - Gargi. The rising glory caught the eyes of many eminent entities like CDAC, Electoral Commission, Food and Civil Supply department and Maharashtra government; and needless to say, the Indictrans became their open source technology provider. The same drove the group to incarnate their voluntary activities in an avatar of a private company in the name New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2009.

Powered by the combined experience of the management team of over 35 years in the realm of Spatial Visualization and Analysis through GIS, marketing and management, the companyhas carved a niche in providing GIS based Spatial Visualization and Analysis solutions that enable real-time data collection, analysis, representation and interpretation.The cost-effective solutions have beensuccessfully deployed in multiple government bodies and private organizations pan-India, while they are also crafted to benefit tremendously for the entities in asset mapping and management, health, epidemiology, urban development, forest monitoring, logistics and power. With firm India and global footprints, the Pune-headquartered organization also hosts customers spanning across the U.S., UAE, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore, Kuwait and Malaysia.

The Specialized Stack of Efficiency

Embedded with robust technical expertise, Indictrans' 30 people strong team is well-equipped in knowledge and experience to take their project-related, operational and HR related decisions independently. The company accredits the success to their constant endeavor to innovate, adapt to latest technology trends and integrate its benefits in the solutions. It is also buoyant that the same attitude will help it to stand out in the fierce competition. Crafted to provide greater value and best ROI to the clients, the stack of customized solutions includes projects like On Time, Accident Reporting System (ARS), Traffic Information System, Monitoring System for State Level Implementation of MGNREGs (Bihar), GIS-based Municipal E-Governance Suite (Navi Mumbai), GIS-based Asset Mapping and Consumer Indexing (Navi Mumbai) amongst others. The technology, platform and database-independent solutions are complaint with National GIS Standards and support multilingualism. In addition to this, it is easy to integrate these Plug-n-Play architectures with legacy software and they also give an access to the seamless integration.

Along with its technology partners who include Google and L&T Infotech, NITPLalso enjoys strategic alliances with few channel partnerswho are presentin Australia, South Africa and Kuwait, thereby proffering the best. Currently eyeing at being part of Digital India and Smart Cities initiatives, the company aims to endow its customers with 500 different solutions on GIS cloud, which are coupled with mobile, handheld and legacy solutions.

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