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Latitude Edutech: Creating Future Perfect eLearning Content for Corporate & Institutes

si Team
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
si Team
The global eLearning market has sustained a steady growth with increasing mobile consumers and India is not far behind. It is the second largest eLearning market after the U.S. and is expected to grow more with government's $1.13 trillion Digital India initiative. DeiTY and MHRD endeavor to cover one million schools and 18,000 higher education institutes under the hood; the system is getting robust every day.

Even with favourable policies and in-develop infrastructure, eLearning in India still lacks exceptional content. In this market, most of the eLearning companies go for robust platforms that enable them to host quality content, but the gap left between quality content and a robust platform required immediate attention. Hence Poornima Shenoy (Founder & CEO of Latitude), an edupreneur established Latitude Edutech realizing the value of sound content specifically for the Indian eLearning industry.

Delivering End-to-end Quality Content

Started in 2011 as an organization focused on training and skilling for students, Latitude pivoted to creating and delivering customized content for online learning to management schools, universities and corporate houses in 2013-14. Offering a comprehensive package of PEP Advantage - People, eLearning Experience and Process along with newly created DDC - Dedicated Development Centers for corporate customers - this eLearning startup has marked its presence delivering capabilities which are hinged on strong project management and domain strengths.

For a long time now, eLearning has no longer been just a matter of convenience; it is the choice especially for corporates who are looking to train employees at various geographies and particularly field staff who cannot be disturbed from their operational activities. With the advancement of technology, the smartphone is the fastest growing tool for learning online. Corporates can provide a consistent content and delivery and in the local language.

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