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AllizHealth: A Trident Approach to Alleviate Health Risk

si Team
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
si Team
The introduction of smartphones and internet has changed the way people used to perceive healthcare; from curative to preventive - as mobile is the first-level helpdesk for people. But in the market which is not yet matured enough for preventive health measures, any startup with an innovative idea suffers the initial setback. To break the ice of the sluggish healthcare regime, a computer graduate from NIT-Rourkela, Chinmoy Mishra (holding over 15 years of extensive experience in the U.S. healthcare industry) along with his partners, Gaurav & Dhairya, entered the spectrum with AllizHealth in 2013 with a 'Trident' approach - Identify, Track & Mitigate - Identifying through Health Risk Assessment, Tracking through Personal Health Record and Mitigating through personalized care plans and condition management programs.

This Pune headquartered company introduced a web-based healthcare portal that suffices the need of preventive healthcare meadow with a vision to enrich people's lifestyle. To do that, AllizHealth teamed-up with the enterprises - Schools, Corporate offices and Insurance companies. But the journey wasn't so smooth. Due to lack of funds, this company faced an uphill task to pay salaries at par the industry standard on time. But during steep funding challenges, AllizHealth started with 10,000 school - children partnering with the schools in Bangalore and Pune providing an access to parents, store, access and share child health information.

A Trident Approach

Using medically validated algorithms, a series of questions predicated on family, personal & occupational health and social support are framed to ascertain the caliber of jeopardy involved in ailment - Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which the company claims to be the finest portal in India. It not only asserts physical and mental health condition, it withal recommends tests and medications based on the result. That was just one piece of the puzzle. Taking an earnest step in digitization of medical records, AllizHealth screens the entire health records at one place - Personal Health Record. Through this, patients can access their medical records, anytime, anywhere without the trepidation of losing them. Utilizing Analytics Dashboard, it alerts patients if there is any anomaly in health condition and presents suggestions based on the situation helping insurance companies predict the health condition of the insured people guarding them with better coverage, thus saving a lot of money for the patient and company equally. This trident approach towards preventive healthcare has made it reach 120,000 registered users already in a short time-span.

The Game Changers

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