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Room on Call: Your Hotel Booking Partner, Just a Call Away

si Team
Thursday, December 3, 2015
si Team
It all started with a bad experience at a Hotel in Agra, where Pradeep Sajjan - a high-profile executive - was exposed to a prevailing, yet a bitter reality, which entailed the discrepancy in pricing, the quality of the food and the hotel rooms between Indians and foreigners. Such situations are more ignored than addressed. But the anecdote of Pradeep is little twisted. The surging proportions of aforementioned intricacies lured him to join forces with like-minded people, Amit Goel and Nirupma Dhawan, who then scrutinized the industry through rigorous research and diligence. After identifying that feature phone users overpower the smartphone users particularly app users, the trio forayed into the hotel industry and banked upon a huge growth potential to construct an out-of -the box platform, where people can easily and effectively book a room of their choice on a call. Named Room on Call (ROC), the cloud-based platform is widely recognized as a branded budget accommodation marketplace and has been proactively working towards systematizing the fragmented industry, thus bringing them under a banner by assisting them to maintain their quality and standard.

Though a much-hyped trend, starting up one's own business is not an easy feat and the most daunting task is enabling the business to take off. The six months young venture also faced a significant competition from the already established giants like OYO Rooms and ZO Rooms, but steadily combated the challenge by carving a niche with its creative concept. Spearheaded by a robust management team, ROC leverages room reservations for business travel, events and even get-together. On the other hand, it also serves as a platform for hotels to popularize their properties globally.

A Look into the Strong Process

Dedicated to provide world-class customer service, ROC not only enables its users to easily book an accommodation, but also handholds them throughout their tenure in that respective hotel. Once an individual book a room in a hotel through the assistance of ROC call center, he/she can make the payment through a link which is sent by the call center itself. While a real-time confirmation message or an email from the hotel indicates a successful booking procedure, a relationship manager is assigned to the client to guide through his journey. Sitting at the back-end and taking the clients through the nooks and corners of the city with the use of GPS, his/her charter will be to ensure that the client has reached the destination safely.

With such unique features in its arsenal, ROC is currently in the phase of launching a mobile app. The app is rearing up to hit the market soon and beholds many unique features like weather reporting and SOS facility. While the weather reporting of the respective place helps travellers to make a sound decision on their plans and pack their bags with the right clothes, SOS option intimidates hotel reception desk in case of any emergency and the same is redirected to their family as a message. Irrespective of the distance, the customer can even be close to his/her family through the video conferencing feature of the soon-to-be-launched app.

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