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FarEye: Customizable SaaS Platform Enhancing Revenue by Managing Mobile Workforce

si Team
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
si Team
With the changing consumer behavior and multiple options available to them, the concept of brand loyalty is obsolete. The speed of execution and delivering services as promised on time helps companies to retain their consumer base, thereby highlighting the importance played by technology & how it is transforming businesses.

In today's information age and boundaryless workplaces, there is a pressing need for mobile workforce management platforms. The changing work trends with over 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide emphasizes on a critical need for access to information anywhere, anytime. Businesses cannot afford to have any downtime or lags due to non-availability of required information. Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-Founder of FarEye, says, "FarEye is a mobile workforce management platform. It's a solution to the most critical problems of manager, i.e., real-time coordination with mobile workers, field jobs and customer requests. With the FarEye platform, organizations can schedule jobs, monitor execution and evaluate performance, all automated and in real time it helps companies increase productivity and customer experience". According to the facts, FarEye performs over 1 million transactions per day for 40 clients across 10 countries and six happy customers per second.

It is always advisable to use the expertise of technology houses such as FarEye rather than develop such technology in-house. With technological volatility and integration issues, FarEye stays ahead of time preventing any delay in implementation and enables easy cross-platform integration. This helps business to focus on their core jobs rather than worrying about keeping up with technology.

The Burning Issue

Managing employees that work away from the office has always been a challenge, especially for businesses offering rural sales, delivery, hyperlocal or at-home services. FarEye's mobile workforce management platform provides the business with the requisite tools to track field employees, being aware of the status of jobs and employee locations. This enables clients to take quick action and address consumer requests. It gives them control over the field operations, thus better equips them for unforeseen changes in the process.

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