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10 Most Promising BIM Service Providers - 2022
BIM Services include creation of building information models from sketches, CAD drawings, BIM documentation, analysis, clash detection and content creation. Working with the clients through the design process from schematic design to design development and construction documentation, and providing complete BIM modeling. The BIM Services have been fulfilling the project requisites of construction companies with standard and customized solutions in the projects of retail, industrial, residential, educational or health care. The BIM Services have a reputation for delivering excellent BIM Architectural Design...Read More
10 Most Promising Container Logistics Companies - 2022
Container logistics is an exciting but complicated topic, with much implicit knowledge kept by industry insiders. A logistics plan may contain the order in which containers must be loaded and the cargo handling and freight securing instructions. Therefore, in other words, container logistics companies do planning and execute the transport and storage of containers from the source to the delivery at their final destination. The first stop on the worldwide Container Logistics Tour is at the busy companies in charge of finding containers for their customers. These firms’ help people ship the commodities...Read More
10 Most Promising NDTS Service Providers - 2022
L eaders in the service of NDTS are renowned for credible and ontime services. The aims of the NDTS service providers are providing world class services while maintaining high level of trust and integrity. With services in exclusive fields of quality management and continuous growth and excellence in execution of the projects while reporting the finding to the customers and helping in swift decisions. For becoming a leading service provider, the companies are in competing with knowledge based solutions for the customers and building a sustainable and profitable enterprise with a strong value chain for both...Read More
10 Best Urban Planning & Designing Companies - 2022
The growth in Urban Planning has witnessed tremendous growth with demand rising in the past decade in India because of the working population shifting towards the technology development sector. One of the most sought after professions in the field of healthy living styles, Urban Planning and Designing, is simplifying the quality of life for people in technology surrounded by life with thoughtful interventions. Several plans and strategies including transit oriented development, smart city development, green cities generated by top notch engineers are introduced in the cities to create workable places in urban,...Read More
10 Most Promising Rainwater Harvesting Service Providers - 2022
Rainwater harvesting, a not-so-complex method, helps in collecting rainfall for future usage. The rainwater collected is then stored and utilized in a variety of ways, directly or indirectly, to help in recharging purposes. With the depletion of groundwater levels and fluctuating climatic conditions, rainwater harvesting is helping in a long course of business plans. Capturing rain-water helps in recharging local aquifers, reduction of urban flooding, and utmost important factor in ensuring water avail-ability in water-scarce zones. In the recent past few years, the term rainwater harvesting has picked up pace...Read More
10 Most Promising Personal Protective Equipment Providers - 2022
I n worldwide market of personal protective equipment is expected to grow USD 80.38 billion in 2022 to USD 110.85 billion in 2029, while exhibiting a CAGR of 4.7 percent during the aforesaid timeline. The emerging concerns regarding the workers’ safe and extensive adoption of recyclable and biodegradable materials boost the market growth. Personal Protective Equipment is utilized in protection of users from workplace health and safety hazards and the rising concerns of workers safety concerns and the adoption of biodegradable and recyclable materials propel the demand for personal protective equipment....Read More
10 Most Promising Virtual CISO Services Providers – 2022
Businesses are requiring excellent virtual CISO Services within their cost of action. The requisites include customer and partner questionnaire support, information security program creation and management, annual information security training and annual business continuity in external vulnerability assessments, and qualitative information security risk assessment. For the services of audit support, compliance integrated with regulations and standards which include NIST-CSF, CMMC, PCI, or HITRUST, year-wise IT security assessment, quarterly governance committee chair, and third-party critical vendor reviews,...Read More
10 Most Promising EPCM Service Providers - 2022
For execution of a project by in EPCM, excellent engineering is a foremost quality for procurement and construction at a site. The team of licensors, vendors, clients, contractors/sub contractors are helping in logical construction of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction project. The engineering and technologies developed are efficient in enabling a technology driver project implementation with strong project management practices. The teams help in design, engineering and construction of methodologies with their experience in strong project management. The significant resources are developing a...Read More
10 Most Promising Speech & Hearing Centers - 2022
Hearing impairment remains a major social and health issue in India. Earlier, children born with hearing  impairments learned sign languages and used gestures. Today, audiological rehabilitation with amplification use has become common. India offers a number of training and education for audiologists. The country has grown exponentially in terms of manpower in audiology. The first audiology and speech language pathology program at university level in India started in the year 1965. Currently, there are over 50 institutes in the country offering courses on speech and hearing. There are about 6000-7000...Read More