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10 Best No-code & Low code Startups - 2022
In this technology-driven era, where companies and startups are pragmatically turning digital, the low-code/no-code movement has taken the enterprise tech industry by storm. Solidifying its presence with a lasting prowess of technology, where No-code development platforms are tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly and easily without having to write code, Low-code and no-code tools promise to do everything from solving the developer scarcity crisis to empowering the average business user to build applications. The greatest advantage of low-code/no-code application development lies in the...Read More
10 Most Promising ISO Consultants from GCC -­ 2022
Today, in this highly competitive world, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification is a symbol of increased Credibility and Recognition for a business betwixt consumers, stakeholders and other business partners. Being an independent, non-governmental organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems, ISO guarantees the entity meets global standards for business, especially in trade situations. From validating your company's working style to ensuring better business, there are several reasons to have an International...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Gifting Companies - 2022
Gifting is a happy gesture and its practice holds a greater significance amidst the Indian culture. Conclusively, it has been rightly led through in the Indian corporate sectors as well. Displaying the sense of hospitality and concern that Indians hold for others, corporate gifting culture has been taken forward in order to entrench a strong professional relationship amongst companies and contribute for client and provider companies’ mutual growth. Playing a pivotal role in improving professional relationships it is prolifically used as an indispensable tool for staying connected with employees,...Read More
10 Most Promising MICE Companies -­ 2022
MICE is a business oriented segment that forms a central part of the Tourism and hospitality industry today, and largely acts as its propeller. In this advancing global economy where industrialization and corporate businesses have overwhelmed the world with prospective growth opportunities, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions/Events) industry serves as a significant tool to help with planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events for the business purposes. Moreover, MICE presents easy and convenient methods for organizing events and helps choose the right...Read More
10 Most Promising Customer Loyalty Service Providers -­ 2022
In the present modern times, organizations discern their functions in a very pragmatic way looking at the evolving business trends, however what supports them all along is their customers who are their brand advocates. Proving important for a business' long-term success, customer loyalty not only help businesses increase their profits, improve sales success, but it also leads to sustainable growth. Hence, today a large percentage of companies and brands use it as a strategy in marketing to grow through word of mouth, maintain customer loyalty through loyalty and reward programs. Notably, as good loyalty...Read More
10 Most Promising Business Intelligence Service Providers -­ 2022
In this technology and data-driven world, where companies are faced with huge business challenges and competition is hovering the existing operational & process conduct, Business intelligence (BI) significantly guides a company across its complex approaches to decision-making by using data while analyzing both the company's past and present. Proving more than just a software, BI holds a holistic view to analyzing day-to-day operations data in an organization and uses it to augmenting business growth. Trusted sources depict that the global business intelligence adoption rate is 26 percent. 52 percent...Read More
10 Most Promising Internet Service Provider Companies - 2022
As per Grand View Research’s reports, the global broadband services market size was valued at $385.5 billion in 2021, while it’s expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.6 percent from 2022 to 2030.With the world moving towards a huge digital transformation journey from being an offline ethos to a fully digital one, due to the pandemic prevalence, the Internet and network services sector in India has witnessed a paradigm shift in its demand including the Rural and Urban India. Also, as the world leverages the noteworthy transformative nexus of forces like digitization, Internet of...Read More
10 Most Promising Exhibition Stall Design Companies - 2022
While working in exhibition stand design, there is an extreme requisite for ensuring the booth is working for the providing company, which means that there is a need for an exhibition for a booth in getting people to sit up and find what the company offers. In a competitive era, businesses are in need for investing money to market their brand via advertising. In part taking exhibitions for one way of reaching out to potential growth opportunities and also for valuable customers. Over the years, exhibiting has become a quick-witted marketing idea for most businesses in worldwide locations. Several new...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Legal Service Providers - 2022
During the start of a new business, the owner might come through many difficulties as there are many a thing to consider which include management of cash flow, recruitment of employees, management of time, marketing strategy development, capital generation for the business, clearing self-doubts and many more. During the ongoing business processes, there might also be some legal situations that will require legal advice. At the times, an attorney is a person which can provide appropriate legal guidance and save the business and its owner from any legal disputes. The experienced attorney in its due time helps in...Read More
10 Most Promising Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Service Providers – 2022
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have different strengths and are often integrated for achieving a more complete vulnerability analysis. In simple terms, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments perform two different tasks, which provide different results with a focus on the same area. Vulnerability Assessment tools help in finding which vulnerabilities are present, however, the testing does not differentiate between flaws that can be exploited to cause damage and the ones that cannot. Vulnerability scanners alert companies to the pre-existing flaws in their code and find the locations...Read More
10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies - 2022
The India Government is focused on boosting the semiconductor manufacturing in India and it can go a long way in the country as a global hub for the development of electronics goods and creating a job for attracting investments from top firms in the world. India is helping with schemes for boosting the manufacturing of semiconductors that are an integral part of modern tech products, which include cars, electronic gadgets, and even medical devices. Also, electronic manufacturing is helping the country in reducing imports of gadgets or products and boosting semiconductor production bringing in massive...Read More
10 Most Promising Last Mile Delivery Service Providers - 2022
Online commerce has changed the way people shop forever and the major force behind making the e-Commerce revolution a reality has been last mile delivery companies. Last mile, in supply chain management and transportation planning, is the last leg of a journey comprising the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination. ‘Last mile’ was adopted from the telecommunications industry which faced difficulty connecting individual homes to the main telecommunications network. Similarly, in supply chain management last-mile describes the difficult last part in the...Read More
10 Most Promising BIM Service Providers - 2022
BIM Services include creation of building information models from sketches, CAD drawings, BIM documentation, analysis, clash detection and content creation. Working with the clients through the design process from schematic design to design development and construction documentation, and providing complete BIM modeling. The BIM Services have been fulfilling the project requisites of construction companies with standard and customized solutions in the projects of retail, industrial, residential, educational or health care. The BIM Services have a reputation for delivering excellent BIM Architectural Design...Read More
10 Best Urban Planning & Designing Companies - 2022
The growth in Urban Planning has witnessed tremendous growth with demand rising in the past decade in India because of the working population shifting towards the technology development sector. One of the most sought after professions in the field of healthy living styles, Urban Planning and Designing, is simplifying the quality of life for people in technology surrounded by life with thoughtful interventions. Several plans and strategies including transit oriented development, smart city development, green cities generated by top notch engineers are introduced in the cities to create workable places in urban,...Read More
10 Most Promising Virtual Event Management Companies - 2022
Virtual Event Management Companies are helping organizers in the marketing, management, and coordination of virtual and hybrid events. As of full servicing agency, the virtual companies eliminate the organizational burden of the clients who host virtual events. The virtual event management companies help with logistical solutions and permit companies and individual clients in focusing on the fun of the finest team game. The virtual event management companies are helping in hosting a large-scale virtual event with ease and the platforms created by virtual event management companies offer a wide array of virtual...Read More
10 Most Promising Rainwater Harvesting Service Providers - 2022
Rainwater harvesting, a not-so-complex method, helps in collecting rainfall for future usage. The rainwater collected is then stored and utilized in a variety of ways, directly or indirectly, to help in recharging purposes. With the depletion of groundwater levels and fluctuating climatic conditions, rainwater harvesting is helping in a long course of business plans. Capturing rain-water helps in recharging local aquifers, reduction of urban flooding, and utmost important factor in ensuring water avail-ability in water-scarce zones. In the recent past few years, the term rainwater harvesting has picked up pace...Read More
10 Most Promising Virtual CISO Services Providers – 2022
Businesses are requiring excellent virtual CISO Services within their cost of action. The requisites include customer and partner questionnaire support, information security program creation and management, annual information security training and annual business continuity in external vulnerability assessments, and qualitative information security risk assessment. For the services of audit support, compliance integrated with regulations and standards which include NIST-CSF, CMMC, PCI, or HITRUST, year-wise IT security assessment, quarterly governance committee chair, and third-party critical vendor reviews,...Read More
10 Most Promising UI UX Design Companies – 2022
User Interface, acronym as User Interface, is the way of improving and augmenting the interactive response of mobile applications and websites. UI helps in presenting a website or mobile application in a better way. UI focuses on the look and design of the application where every screen, button and page, and various other visual equips before a user that is visible at the time of usage of the application. User Interface helps in the quick briefing of UX or User Experience, which in simple terms is the strategy of enhancement of the comprehensive experience of the users or the visitors when the user connects to...Read More
10 Most Promising Speech & Hearing Centers - 2022
Hearing impairment remains a major social and health issue in India. Earlier, children born with hearing  impairments learned sign languages and used gestures. Today, audiological rehabilitation with amplification use has become common. India offers a number of training and education for audiologists. The country has grown exponentially in terms of manpower in audiology. The first audiology and speech language pathology program at university level in India started in the year 1965. Currently, there are over 50 institutes in the country offering courses on speech and hearing. There are about 6000-7000...Read More