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10 Most Promising Web Hosting Services Providers - 2019
In today’s digital era of a fast-paced dynamic environment with extreme competition and changing technologies, websites for businesses have become a must need for companies. To stay ahead, each and every business is relying upon a good website that represents their organization, establishes an online presence, helps in information exchange, attracts customers & clients, increases credibility and more. But, having just a website is not enough. It should be fast and highly reliable with strong server uptime. Besides, the website must be secured and protected from viruses, malware and hackers. With all...Read More
10 Most Promising HRMS Solution Providers - 2019
HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) is observing a great upsurge because of a multitude of benefits that the HR industry leverages from the new age technology. HR software can offer several benefits to the organizations and one of its major benefits is that it facilitates self-service functionality whereby the employ­ees can add and modify their information themselves. For years, HRMS Solutions has made the HR tasks stream­lined, seamless and effortless for the enterprises. How­ever, with the efficiency in technology, different trends hit the sphere with each passing year. A survey by...Read More
10 Most Promising Managed Cloud Service Providers - 2019
Cloud management platforms and managed cloud applica­tions are preferred by organi­zations for its efficiency in running applications in cloud without maintain­ing and managing the virtual IT infra­structure. The increase in adoption of Big Data, analytics, AI, and IoT are likely to escalate the growth in cloud market in India up to threefold, mark­ing USD 7.1 billion by 2022. India’s software as a service market, SaaS, is anticipated to grow at 36 percent per annum and mark USD 3.3 - 3.4 billion by the year 2022. Lower cost of workforce, sufficient skill set, mature business...Read More
10 Most Promising Material Handling Equipment Providers - 2019
The material handling equipment domain is one of the most crucial industries that is fueling the growth of the country. The growth of this sector is essential for the OEM industry of the country and all the major industries like power, cement, steel, and sugar are directly dependent on the efficiency of the Indian material handling equipment industry. The market for material handling equipment sector is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 10 percent in the up-coming couple of years and the Indian MHE market witnessed a growth of around 20 percent on a yearly basis up until the last year when the growth...Read More
10 Most Promising Housekeeping Services Providers - 2019
Nothing is more attractive than a spick and span environment. Hence, housekeeping today functions as a vibrant voice of any property. A high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all area creates a favourable impression on the mind of the guests, prospective tenants or employees living in the area. Boosting the image of the organization, housekeeping not only makes it a safer place to work in but also contributes in improving the efficiency and productivity, maintaining good control over the processes, and maintaining quality of the end product. But in this fast-paced and engaging world, a...Read More
10 Most Promising Game Development Services Providers - 2019
The global gaming industry is at an interesting juncture of transformation. China has stepped down from the throne of global gaming market, which is quite intentional given last year's nine month licensing freeze on new games as well as the measures to reduce screen time among children in the country. An industry report claims that as of now, the US, which historically used to be the world's second biggest market, ranks first. Despite the landslides, the industry continues to thrive, thanks to more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world. According to Newzoo, a games analytics platform, their combined...Read More
10 Most Promising Chatbot Development Solutions Providers - 2019
In an era where the customer is king, ignoring even the slightest of your client’s requirements can change the dynamics of your business. The need of the hour is not just to meet the customer demands but also to be connected with them when needed. Technology has developed to such an extinct that now people make use of software to find solutions to their perplexity. Companies are also seeking suitable solutions and software that cannot just interact with their clients, but if possible, they should also be able to offer solutions to customers’ problems. Capable of conducting conversations with the...Read More
10 Most Promising Telecom Infrastructure Service Providers - 2019
After the voice call revolution, which took our country to the new destinations of  exponential growth across the first decade of the 21st century, today, the subsequent data-revolution going rounds, being in the fine tuning phase. Along with the revolutionary telecom operators like Jio, we owe significantly to the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 (NDCP), which underlined an ecosystem of convergence spanning IT, Telecom & broadcasting and in the backdrop of revolutionary technologies like 5G &IoT.  According to a report released by the Broadband India Forum (BIF) along with...Read More
10 Most Promising Car Rental Software Providers - 2019
Car rental, or hire car, service providers have started witness­ing the high-time for migrating to digitalized platforms where they can exceptionally reach the customers who are in need. The flourishing tourism sector and growing urban population will have a favourable reflection on the car rental market. The rise in the use of mobile applications has ignited the car rental industry to make its step for finding solutions digitally. There is a surge in the adoption of software solutions that can automate the car rental platforms to yield lucrative business opportunities. The vehicle rental software market...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Car Rental Companies - 2019
If you are poised in the corporate world, then you must be well-familiar with the kind of work pressure and deadlines that your company holds. Besides the diverse ways in which a company’s top-level management is en­deavouring to bring-in the best of em­ployee satisfaction, providing car rental facilities for meetings, conferences and other events stands at the foremost position in the current times. Thanks to benefits like flexible use & pricing, avail­ability of wide range of cars, superior servicing & maintenance, reduced over­head charges and many more car rent­als are...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Training Providers in Singapore - 2019
In this ever changing business world, where operational processes and technology are developing day-by-day, the need for employee training is becoming more and more essential for companies in order to achieve their business goals. Nowadays, corporate training is on high demand that offers a lot of advantages like the consistency of experience and knowledge, increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, enhancement of company reputation and more. Also, corporate training as an industry has reached the next level owing to relentless and smart efforts of companies. The skill gap that is generated owing to...Read More
10 Most Promising e-Waste Management Services Providers - 2019
Electronic waste (e-Waste) is an emerging serious public health and environmental issue in our country. India ranks fifth largest electronic waste producer in the world that generates approximately two million tons of e-waste every year and additionally an undisclosed amount of e-waste is imported from other countries across the world as well. The enhancement in quantity of e-waste is not due to the increased consumption but also obsolescence. Today, people discard mobiles, old computers and other gadgets much faster than before whereas these electronics generates toxic...Read More
10 Most Promising Automotive Portals - 2019
Purchasing a vehicle has never been an easy task for common people as well as corporations. But today in an age of high mass consumption, information has been generated and disseminated across various mediums. Conventionally, the only points of information were the car dealership and the people who already own the car to make decisions for making a purchase. Thanks to the speeding world of internet that has made us connect to the best product out there through the right routes. As people have perched their attention to smartphones that made them connect with the best results and escalating the customer...Read More
10 Most Promising Job Portals - 2019
When an organization creates a new industry and starts its business it enjoys the advantage of being the first mover. Slowly and steadily the business grows along with the market and thus leading to overall development of the industry. After the new players comes in to the market and thus competition rises. Similarly the job portal industry in India was developed with Naukri. com being the first mover in the market followed by others. Eventually the market which was at a lag in the beginning just because of lack of internet usage suddenly started soaring high and took an upturn and started developing....Read More
10 Most Promising Cyber Forensics Services Providers - 2019
Cybercrimes have taken a heavy toll on India placing it second to US among the top destinations for hacking attempts in the world. While 2018 witnessed an alarming 120 crore account takeover attacks, 2019 has seen even worse! In fact, around 45 percent of Indian pharmaceutical organizations were affected with malicious cyber attack attempts this year, besides 69 percent of firms facing grave cyber attack risks. Moreover, a recent study disclosed some of the most pressing cybersecurity issues in 2019 as advanced phishing kits, remote access attacks, attacks via smartphones, vulnerabilities in home automation...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Lodging Services Providers - 2019
Today, businesses of all types are becoming increasingly globally connected, resulting in a huge demand for corporate travel market. Alongside, the fast changing innovative technologies, rise of the sharing economy and the growing importance of millennials in business travel are driving the growth of corporate travel industry in India. According to KPMG report, India is now a $30 billion business travel market and is forecasted to reach $93 billion by 2030. With this exponential growth rate, corporate lodging has become the most happening segment of the travel industry; from providing highly personalized...Read More
10 Most Promising GRC Services Providers - 2019
We live in a world where markets, economies, and business networks are so deeply interconnected that a single risk event can cause widespread disruption. Hence, securing the important assets against widely prevalent incidents such as data & identity threats and other security breaches has become a top priority for businesses. In 2018, 87 million Facebook accounts and 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were breached. The Aadhaar data breach in India gave access to confidential information of almost 1.1 billion citizens. The financial cost of such breaches can be a hard blow to an organization’s profits...Read More
10 Most Promising Customer Loyalty Services Providers – 2019
Customers are the key elements to run the business.  Today, majority of enterprises work with the motto of ‘Serve first, sell second’, giving first priority to customers and then thinking about the profit. Despite of attracting new customers, businesses are striving hard to retain their current & old clients. Various statistic show that obtaining new customer cost 25 times more and they don’t even spend as much money as loyal & repeat customers. Loyal customers are not only the prime sources of generating profits but they also bring more new customers in the business. In the...Read More
10 Most Promising Waterproofing Solutions Providers – 2019
The problem of water leakage & seepage in construction has a double edged sword effect when it initiates corrosion problems in private residential and commercial buildings along with a serious threat to hygiene. Moisture within the buildings can have destruc­tive effects both structurally and on the health of the inhabitants. Waterproofing has been a solu­tion for centuries, but it is now taking a technical shift to ensure not a resolve, but also an automated processing that would be the backbone of the re­paired structure. The first real need of waterproofing dates back to the days of Noahs...Read More
Top 10 Most Promising Corporate Video Production Companies – 2019
Gone are the days when businesses used bro­chures and other advertising ways as a mean to promote their brand. With the rise of Digital Tech­nology, it has emerged the growth of various video production services like animation videos, music videos, short films, infographics and corporate videos. In today’s competitive and fragmented market, many businesses are starting to realize just how important video production is when it comes to winning in the corporate world. Through corporate video production, you can tell your story to your audience, reach more people, and even nurture ex­isting...Read More
10 Most Promising Office Automation Solutions Providers - 2019
The contemporary history of office automation initiated with the typewriter and copy machine, which mechanized formerly manual tasks. Today, office automation is greatly understood as a term that refers not just to the automation of tasks but to the transformation of information to electronic form. The invention of the personal computer metamorphosed office automation, and today, renowned operating systems/user interfaces dominate office computer systems. This revolution has been so widely accepted that almost all businesses deploy at least one commercial computer business application in their day-to-day...Read More
10 Most Promising Internet Service Providers - 2019
India’s reputed recognition on the global podium along with its sensational social and economic developments tag as a result of its ever growing digital connectivity, and the effect of its pacing internet growth. The colossal Indian market is further constantly changing as internet access is becoming more main-stream among people, impacted from the whopping increase in the use of smart phones and other digital mediums. Currently there are about one billion mobile users today, 485 million internet users and 316 million smartphone users. However, despite the rapid growth in mobile penetration rate (an...Read More
10 Most Promising Fire & Safety Service Providers - 2019
The number of fire and chemical accidents in India is constantly rising wherein most of them have caused immeasurably high-level damage, loss, and toxic debris. For instance, the recent fire accident which occurred at a chemical factory in Sanand was due to a chemical leak spread across the stored solvents and chemicals. Despite no casualties involved, it took almost three hours to douse the blaze which was in fact highly hazardous in nature. What actually are the reasons behind accidents like this? Well, the biggest reason is human error i.e., workers failing to adhere to the safety norms of the company....Read More
10 Most Promising Energy Solution Providers - 2019
India is all set to emerge as one of the most prominent energy consumers globally over the next decade. Despite these insights, as the energy usage doubled since 2000 the energy consumption per capita is only around one-third of the global average with around 240 million people still lacking access to electricity, thus throwing in major growth opportunities. Taking advantage of the opportunity and emerging into the sector to provide energy efficiency related services, ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) are expected to play a crucial role in delivering improved energy efficiency and contribute to substantial...Read More
10 Most Promising Non Destructive Testing Service Providers – 2019
According to reliable affirmations, it is anticipated that the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) are projected to lead the non-destructive testing market during 2016-2022. Resulting from massive and large-scale automation in the industrial manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for flaw detection related to cracks, porosity, and manufacturing disorders. It is here that the significance of investigating the integrity of equipment and assets has given rise to the growth of the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) segment. With India...Read More
10 Most Promising SAP Implementation Companies - 2019
Beyond the frontiers of a mere ERP, SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) has transformed into a service-oriented architecture that delivers adaptive solutions for effective business management to a wide range of behemoths, Fortune 500 companies, and SMEs in the world. The various facets that make SAP more invincible among enterprises of today include cost-effectiveness, customization, centralized business operations, reduced IT spendings, business process optimization, and many others. Yet the SAP implementation rates are considerably low in India due to a plethora of reasons such as use of traditional...Read More
10 Most Promising Refurbishment Companies – 2019
In today’s rapidly changing business dynamics, companies are going out of their way to release newer & lucrative products to capture a large share of consumers’ wallets. However, the price-conscious value-driven Indian consumers, comprising a large part of the market, are gravitating towards buying pre-owned, refurbished products where they get great savings with assurance on their favourite brands. With increased awareness and availability of such high-quality like-new products backed by warranties, it has never been easier for consumers to save even on premium products. With such...Read More
10 Most Promising Web Development Startups - 2019
In the age of internet, everything is present everywhere. The counts of what can be achieved digitally have grown with vigour for the rest of the world to believe in the web development domain and how it can be effective for businesses. With newer innovations getting implemented every single day, it is hard to say when a technology gets backdated. When it comes to the web development sector, the world has witnessed nothing but growth. The top web development companies and web design companies working on this sector are constantly trying to better the technology to bring about further changes to the digital...Read More
10 Most Promising Mobile UI/UX Design Service Providers – 2019
With a paradigm shift in the ways in which business is being managed on mobile and handset devices, there is an increasing demand for mobile User Interface designs and applications on a global scale. Today everybody wants to experience the best technology without spending too much of their time and exhausting their busy brains. The same goes for surfing the websites or mobile applications as well, where the quick & efficient the website or the mobile application responds, the successful outcomes it obtains. According to Forrester Digital UX Review, a good user experience can help attract and retain...Read More
10 Most Promising Product Engineering Service Providers - 2019
In today’s information & technology era, old as well as traditional business strategies do not render a success-oriented result at all. Enterprises need to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the latest trends, and embrace the advance techniques to scale-up the new heights and remain competitive in the industry. However, majority of businesses hesitate to scout new technologies, as they don’t pose the require skill-set/experience. On the flip side, getting engineering teams onboard with brand new technologies adoption need work. As soon as the new technology hits the road, there are a  lot of...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Business Service Providers - 2019
India’s visible dynamism and the governments bolstering initiatives to further economic progress has driven the country to become one of the world’s most sort after for business prospects for both domestic and international tycoons. With the corporate sector gaining momentum and setting pace to the growth of the Indian economy, outsourcing of service providers has grown to become a crucial phenomenon that re-shape corporate functional framework boosting its performance. Moreover, in-house management capabilities impact the overall performance of the corporate body propelling a necessity to approach...Read More
20 Most Promising Corporate Reputation Management Service Providers - 2019
In tandem with the unfolding digital marketing trends, corporate reputation management has evolved as one of the most instrumental parameters that can make it more effective and efficient. No business can ever dream of giving-up on reputation management as the costs required to mend a tarnished reputation are shockingly a substantial fortune. A recent report by Reputation X states that almost 69 percent of job seekers are likely to reject an employment offer from a company with a bad reputation. We are living in a society where people look online for every single chore right from finding a place to eat,...Read More
10 Most Promising Waste Management Service Providers – 2019
Waste is undoubtedly a hidden treasure today if recycled properly! People must stop treating waste as just a blot on the landscape and contribute their part in executing proper solid waste management to reach the dream of a cleaner India. By 2030, it is estimated that the waste generation in India will elevate to 165 million tonnes thereby requiring almost 66,000 hectares of land for creating landfills. This estimate of land area is shockinglyequal to around 90 percent of Bengaluru’s total area. Hence, there is a grave need to enhance our current waste management practices or else we would be living...Read More
10 Most Promising IT Infra Rental Service Providers – 2019
It was long stated that leasing/renting Information Technology (IT) operating equipment such as PCs, laptop, servers, workstations, projectors, printers, render blade, and much more is highly beneficial for businesses instead of choosing to own them. As the realm of IT is facing an exponential growth over the recent years, it is essential for businesses especially small and mid-sized to not stay reliant on the old and obsolete infrastructure and technologies as they end up to be greatly expensive and inefficient. This fast-paced and continuousgrowth in the IT sector is indubitably projecting IT equipment as an...Read More
10 Most Promising Language Translation & Interpretation Service Providers – 2019
Seamless communication across diverse languages and cultures is at the core of every business today regardless of its size or standpoint in the marketplace. But aspects such as the whopping costs, translation errors, faulty interpretations, lack of the right resources and many others ought to be considered strictly during the entire process. Even a small error/failure in translation or interpretation might lead to not just financial setbacks but tarnishes one’s reputation in the industry and sometimes end up in the complete closure of business. Undoubtedly, language holds enormous power in any business...Read More
10 Most Promising Commercial Space Management Service Providers - 2019
The current net absorption of commercial office spaces in India will exceed 39 million sq. ft. by 2020 if certain parameters are met, reveals the JLL India’s recent report. Given the huge absorption rates; the service providers anchored across the commercial office space segment are also gaining much prominence for their exemplary works. Letting the organizations from startups to the behemoths focus on their core expertise, these service providers stand as their backbone in craftingefficient and affordable office spaces for them. Indeed, the service providers deploy the best in class commercial space...Read More
20 Most Promising e-Commerce Website Design Companies - 2019
Any e-Commerce firm in the contemporary worldought to have an effective and engaging web design, as it stands as the driving forceto sustain with excellence. Despite having innovative and trend-setting ideas that might produce fruitful results, the companies poised across the e-Commerce realm that possess distinctive website designs cannot just create a strong reputation for themselves but also boost their business towards sheer success. Incorporating drop shadows and depths in website designs, voice user interface, GIFs & animations, saturated colour schemes, particle backgrounds, custom illustrations,...Read More
10 Most Promising Utility Service Providers - 2019
The technology wave is seamlessly reshaping the utilities industry thereby presenting smart solutions that are facilitating our lives. Tapping newfangled technologies is the primordial key to cater the burgeoning demands of customers in the utility sector while enhancing the operational efficiencies.  Deloitte’s recent report titled ‘The 2019 Power and Utilities Industry Outlook’ revealed that the emerging business model opportunities in the utility sector are capable of bringing out significant revenue growth in contrast to that of the revenue from traditional utility models. But,...Read More