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10 Most Promising Managed Print Service Providers - 2017
Given that many organisations continue to rely on printing (48 percent indicate that paper is important to their daily business), they are demanding more reliability and availability from their print resources. As per a Xerox report, improved service quality is the top reason for MPS adoption, cited by 42 percent of respondents and ahead of cost reduction, cited by 33 percent. MPS providers are performing well in this area, being rated on average 4.09 out of 5 for effectiveness. Moreover, government applications indulge a huge volume of paperwork that needs to have secure access to all the public data due to...Read More
10 Most Promising BPO Management Service Providers - 2017
World is getting smaller and people are no more intimidated of the foreign persona. Businesses are crossing borders and have an ample number of participants who are willing switch their nations for an opportunity overseas. This mix of culture has brought in a new of method of service and that is called regional specific customer orientation. Business Processing Management industry plays a vital role in narrowing this gap and amalgamating the regional and global industrial practices by engaging with customers all over the world. First to hit the Indian soil a decade ago, the industry brought along with itself...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Office Maintenance Service Providers-2017
Dingy offices, cramped spaces and haphazard office spaces is a thing of past. Today, the office space and infrastructure plays a key role in enticing employees and as well customers into investing time and money into organisations. Visual appeal is a trend which is here to stay. However, maintain this visual appeal is a task and this task should be best left alone with the corporate maintenance organisations that have experience and expertise in maintaining the corporate sanity.  Very different from domestic maintenance, these service providers deal with a formal environment with array of equipments...Read More
10 Most Promising ODM Service Providers - 2017
It is not uncommon to see outsourcing being deployed to achieve business growth and targets. In times of rapid growth and frantic expansion, any large and small organisations are dabbling with the idea of giving the reins to a second party in hope that they might be able to invest more time and finesse than the former. Under such circumstances, the ODM or Original Design Manufacturing Industry doesn’t disappoint. An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and manufactures a product, as specified, that is eventually rebranded  by another firm for sale. Such companies...Read More
10 Most Promising Product Outsourcing Companies - 2017
Outsourcing is an allocation of specific business processes to a specialist external service provider. Most of the times an organization cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally. Additionally some processes are temporary and the organization does not intend to hire in-house professionals to perform the tasks. Such a scenario puts companies in sticky situations. The product outsourcing companies come to their rescue with contractual front but also with an industrial expertise that is at par of any conventional development team at an organisation. By outsourcing their products, the companies...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Catering Service Providers - 2017
“There is no love sincerer than the love for food” These words of George Bernard Shaw ring true, especially today when cultures & cuisines are crossing borders effortlessly. While being a necessity, the food is also revered as a status symbol for many where the palate, hygiene and presentation play a paramount role. Professional caterers are not only responsible for cooking the dishes but paint a picture with delicacies that appease to the taste buds of the consumers. They have to maintain a perfect balance between hygiene, taste and health to be at the top of the game. Considering that...Read More
10 Most Promising Responsive Web Designing Companies - 2017
Visibility is the name of the game. In a world where organizations are building and crumbling down in a blink of an eye, visibility retention is the primal instinct that every organization needs to develop if they want to survive in this fiercely competitive market. Easier said than done, with an increase in usage of mobile devices like smartphones, tabs and many more, showcasing one’s brand needs a highly malleable avenue. Responsive web design services, a rather novel concept of web designing, saves the day by easily customizing the brand appearance while complementing the device at hand. Around 80...Read More
10 Most Promising Business Process Services Companies – 2017
In a business, there are onerous tasks that have to be handled on a daily basis, which divert the attention of the enterprise from its core competencies to mundane responsibilities. These tasks are however, vital to the smooth and efficient functioning of an organization and will require significant amount of resources for their administration. For SMEs which do not generally have in-house capabilities or the interest to carry out these functions which will lower their efficiency, the only option would be to outsource them to specialized business process service providers which are capable of serving their...Read More
10 Most Promising Language Service Providers – 2017
The barriers that were once predominant and prevented the populace from connecting with the diverse communities around the globe are now being demolished and a nexus of connections has been formed, linking every corner of the world to another. Our consumer goods, cultures and languages have been influenced by globalization, and daily preferences have become more global than regional. Among the numerous factors that fuelled, and were fuelled by this change was the blurring of language differences, which created a need for enterprises which could blot out cultural and linguistic disparities. The language...Read More
10 Most Promising Workforce Development Service Providers - 2017
The Workforce Development is an approach to financial advancement, which attempts to endeavours a region's economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses. Outfitting the workforce with the skills required for the jobs of today and those of tomorrow is a strategic concern in the national development and development standpoints of all G20 nations. India, with a population of more than one billion and a workforce of 500 million, has kept up an astounding GDP growth rate of around nine percent during the last four years. The exceptional financial development accompanied by far...Read More
10 Most Promising Automobile Portals - 2017
India has emerged as the fourth largest exporter of automobiles in Asia behind Japan, South Korea and Thailand, and houses one of the most competitive industries in the world. The Two Wheelers segment, with 81 percent market share, is the leader of the Indian Automobile market, owing to a growing middle class and a young population. Several initiatives by the Government of India and the major automobile players are expected to make India a leader in the Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler market in the world by 2020 and the country is expected to top the world in car volumes with 611 million vehicles on the road by...Read More
10 Most Promising E-waste Management Service Providers-2017
Rapidly changing technology, changes in media and planned obsolescence have culminated in burgeoning surplus of E-waste around the globe. Ranked fifth among the leading producers of E-waste, the amount of E-waste production in India is predicted to rise by as much as 500 percent in the next decade. These statistics has drawn the attention of the general populace and of the Government to the impending deterioration of environment if the trends were to continue. The unorganized sector of E-waste management does more harm than benefit as they do not employ methodical ways to dispose hazardous elements. The...Read More
10 Most Promising Content Management Solution Providers – 2017
There is an adage in the digital world which says ‘content is king’. Thisphrase initially used by Bill Gates as the title for one of his articles,stems from the uninhibited realization of the significance that contentpublished on websites, advertisements, and various digital channelshas in determining the popularity and reach of a brand. Contentmanagement is thus one of those areas where enterprises compete to exhibitcreativity, tactfulness and virtuosity as a way to boost their mileage amongconsumers. Content management service providers assist companies to develop & definecontent strategy,...Read More
10 Most Promising Customer Feedback Software Providers – 2017
The ways in which customer feedback proves beneficial for businessenterprises are many. It helps improve a product or service, measurescustomer satisfaction, offers actionable insights, aids in customer retention, helps in formulating robust business strategies, and assistsin identifying customer advocates. In a competitive landscape, utilizingthe advantages of customer feedback is a determinant that decides the veryexistence of companies. This is particularly the case of new-found enterprises,which have to be open-eared towards the opinions and sentiments of theircustomers to thrive in their businesses. The...Read More
10 Most Promising Patent and Trademark Service Providers - 2017
While there has always been ways to regulate infringement on intellectual property over the course of human history, not until late 20th century did the concept acquire prominence and indispensability. Patents form an integral part of the modern methodology to prevent discoveries and inventions from being made, sold, or imported by others for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the finding or innovation. Trademark is an offshoot of the same concept which offers a symbolic way to denote and identify a product/service by its source. As patent filing and trademark registration...Read More
10 Most Promising Event Management Service Providers – 2017
Event Management is a segment that flourishes only when creativity, technical prowess and organizational mastery meet eye-to-eye within the same space. Commitment, conscientiousness, eye for detail, discernment and a tinge of wisdom are pre-requisites that an event management team cannot do without. The furnishings, decorations, ambience of the venue and even the attire donned by the team should reflect the mood of the event and should facilitate its purpose. The team must also be ready to meet contingencies that might prop-up over the course of the event with ample inventory. Bringing a roster of offerings...Read More
Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2017
Owing to the youngness of India with a major share of its population being students, the Indian educational landscape is bestrewed with universities and colleges, a majority of which offer technical education. India can take pride in the fact that it houses institutes which have attained hallmarks of excellence even when assessed on international yardsticks. At the same time, with an unprecedented mushrooming of colleges everywhere, the field of technical education is failing to maintain the standards that it ought to offer if it should prove instrumental in chiseling out proficient engineers. With no less...Read More
10 Most Promising Housekeeping Service Providers
Being the operational department responsible for the clean, organized and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, houses, offices, hotels and surroundings, housekeeping has a central role in the management of a living space. The impression that a tidy and spotless environment leaves in the mind of guests, prospective tenants or employees goes a long way in creating a favorable opinion, though the scope of housekeeping is not limited to cleanliness. As busy schedules and priorities make it difficult for a significant fraction of the urban population to tend to these activities themselves, an industry which goes by the name...Read More
10 Most Promising Office Space Providers – 2017
At the statement of the word ‘co-working space’, the image that pops up at the back of our minds is almost always the stereotypical scene where numerous young people are engrossed in their work amidst and upon fancy couches, swing chairs and opulently furnished and decorated surroundings. While this may be a reality, it is not all that attracts the new generation of startups, freelancers and SMEs to such spaces when in fact one could opt for cheaper options like a workspace with basic necessities. Identity, culture and ways to manifest them have gained significance among enterprises varying in...Read More
10 Most Promising Internet Service Providers - 2017
“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business” – Bill Gates. Nothing could more precisely summarise the importance and impact the internet is having both on the businesses and end users. As per IMAI’s (Internet and Mobile Association of India) latest survey, the number of Internet users in India which was 432 million in December 2016, is expected to cross the 450 million mark by June this year. Further amplifying this massive internet penetration is the ever increasing...Read More
10 Most Promising Managed Service Providers – 2017
Information Technology is omnipresent and the same can be best determined by consideringits enormous use in the businesses across the world. Competent documentation of the IT infrastructure turns out to be extremely essential for organizations in order to shift their attention in refiningbusiness process and enhancing efficiency. Whether you are keen to add-on a core IT unit or planning to outsource all your technology, today the outstanding managed services experts are handling it all. Growing at a tremendous pace, the vast managed services market is projected to worth $242.45 billion by 2021. By allowing...Read More
10 Most Promising Online Tutorial Service Providers
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education!” – Albert Einstein. The quote enlightens that educational institution restricts the fertile mind of a young student by not being able to utilize it in a proper manner. On an average, every person has a unique way of understanding the concept based on interest, a unique set of qualities, skills, and learning capability that differentiates one from rest of the crowd. If we carefully observe, most successful people in this world, they all have been truly following their passion and nothing has been able to stop them. Online...Read More