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10 Most Promising Job Portals – 2022

Employees are the lifeline of any organization. Job portals play a pivotal role for organizations in keeping this  lifeline steady. HR managers and recruiters post their requirements on the top job portals, screen applications, shortlist suitable candidates and bring the right set to the interviews. Advancement of and information and communication technology and increasing internet penetration are the key factors witnessed by market professionals to be the key driving forces of global online recruitment market.

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10 Most Promising Corporate Event Management Companies - 2022

Poised with unprecedented challenges, the world has gone through dynamic evolutions in the past few years, and the recent global developments have led many firms to be more perceptive to potential surprising future events. Organizations are devising new business models and launching product lines that can lead them to performing well even in the midst of disruptions or crisis. Exploring the future as an intrinsic part of their business intelligence, more and more corporations are systematically looking into the future to change their current offerings and make them explicitly...Read More

10 Most Promising Psychometric Testing & Assessment Companies - 2022

The rate at which change is happening in the industrial and business setup today is incessant and thereby it has become essential to make business predictions, anticipating climate, financial markets, political and geopolitical updates, and more. Well, to go about doing it markedly, human resource has a greater role to play. Thereby, organizations today are necessarily focusing on entrenching a workforce that holds the potential and skills to abide by the unprecedented challenges put forth in job conduct. As workforce performance varies significantly across jobs, many...Read More

10 Most Promising Digital Identity Solution Providers - 2022

10 Most Promising Digital Identity Solution Providers - 2022

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10 Most Promising Corporate Reputation Management CompanIes - 2022

10 Most Promising Corporate Reputation Management CompanIes - 2022

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10 Most Promising Corporate Team Building and Employee Engagement Companies - 2022

Businesses today are trying to keep employees engaged, valued, and happy in their jobs and the stats support that better mental health and a positive work atmosphere helps in the workplace the same. In the current lockdowns and with the tendency to increase remote working, these fundamentals are climbing the priority list. Although trust escapes at the last minute with negative business results which can be avoided by introducing team-building games and helping in effective company culture programs. A major number of the key principles of employee engagement trust, integrity, and...Read More

10 Most Promising HR Outsourcing Service Providers – 2022

A Globally renowned destination for business process outsourcing by companies worldwide, India has a significantly proved its stance in the diverse domains of business and corporate world including HR. And, as HR remains a crucial domain across all industry and business verticals, companies today are extensively outsourcing their HR services requisites to draw-in best talent pool from the market. Conclusively HR Outsourcing services has become a boiler plate around the workplaces in the country, be it for domestic HR requirements or international by MNCs, MSMEs, or SMBs. Well,...Read More

10 Most Promising Workforce Development Companies - 2022

Technological advances, international competition, and workplace automation have resulted in stagnant wages and fewer opportunities for low-skilled workers. Thus, it’s not easy being a job seeker these days. Therefore, this issue makes workforce development more important than ever before. Workforce development takes a ‘people first’ approach to business development. This approach offers strategies to improve an individual’s potential in the workplace and their career trajectory. Workforce development not only improves their prospects in life, but also...Read More

10 Most Promising Business Process Outsourcing Companies - 2022

Business Process Outsourcing BPO, is known for the popular outsourcing fields. Business Process Outsourcing offerers administer and manage particular a proper business process for a client company. The Business Process Outsourcing companies utilize new technologies and apply existing technologies in an advanced way for the improvement of a specific business process. India is the number one destination for business process outsourcing with most of the companies located in the United States and the United Kingdom that outsource IT related business processes to Indian service...Read More

10 Most Promising Recruitment Companies in Mumbai - 2022

While in search of pursuing a career in the human resource department or for development of the professional abilities, human resource plays a crucial role. The recruitment processes of a company, headed by the human resource team help in recruiting and identifying qualified individuals for jobs. The individuals through their exclusive professional networking sites and available contacts/channels help businesses to advertise the company job openings. The successful individuals are then invited to fill the job applications as job interview attendees.

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10 Most Promising Executive Search Providing Companies - 2022

Clients are very important for businesses to stay alive and each client engagement is unique. Executive Searching companies are working closely with clients to achieve goals and objectives while challenging their extent of thinking and offering solutions ensuring the right leaders who discover the global resources and specialist expertise to each clients' organization leadership and on-performance priorities. The key performance and client service metrics inform the global teaming and key account management to enhance the executive searching process while enhancing the respective sectors'...Read More

10 Most Promising Personality Development Companies - 2022

According to the report of Grand View Research, the global personal development market size is anticipated to reach $56.66 billion by 2027, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1 percent within the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. The growth of the industry can be attributed to the need amongst employees to meet company's expectations and develop their communication and presentation skills. Many top companies are offering personality development program to their employees through both the online and offline platform.

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10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies - 2022

The banks are getting scammed because of the non-conduct behavior of businesses in a plethora of sectors. Background verification is the most important factor for curbing scams. Most of the time employees are accused by customers because of unruly conduct. With the loss margin crafted by employees, employers need to have background screening of the employees. It is difficult for HR professionals for conducting background screening on candidates, even more, difficult for online address verification of the employees. A majority of the candidates' information is online in...Read More