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20 Most Promising Corporate Employee Transportation Service Providers – 2018

It is often observed that with technological advancements comes a steep learning curve for the service providers and customers alike. As popular cab hailing services faced law suits from commuters facing harassment issues, safety concerns and issues that were downright awful and appalling, corporate companies had the responsibility of taking care of the safety of their employees. Triggered by incidents like these has lead to the growth of Employee Transportation services in India and today is a mammoth multimillion dollar industry.

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20 Most Promising Workforce Development Service Providers - 2018

There is a huge call nowadays for highly skilled workers in areas such as cyber security, advanced manufacturing, technology and the skilled trades but yet these jobs are so difficult to fill because the educational system of the country doesn’t provide the skilled workers we need to address this shortage. These high paying, rewarding positions require specialized training and interestingly these jobs do not necessarily demand for a traditional four-year degree. However, these trainings are very crucial as employees become well-aware of their roles and responsibilities related to the job.
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20 Most Promising Personality Development Service Providers-2018

According a recent research by Deloitte, organisations are undergoing financial as well as productive losses. Reason; lack of personality management guidance that is often leading to the downfall of the work mojo. In this highly competitive work environment, time is money and low productivity makes running the organisation an expensive. The personality management experts offer the much needed assistance in helping companies bridge the gap of soft skills essential to help employees understand their capability and refine their work methodology that makes them productive not only at...Read More

20 Most Promising BFSI Recruitment Service Providers - 2018

According to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), India is few of the countries with a backing of strong productivity gains and progressive integration into global economy. BFSI plays a significant role in contributing towards Indian GDP as well. In the era of ‘Digital Darwinism’, mobile banking, e-wallets and virtual cards have brought new financial technologies with customer satisfaction risk free techniques. Major trends that are expected to influence the Indian banking sectors include, virtual banking, biometric technology, artificial intelligence, block...Read More

20 Most Promising Executive Search Companies - 2018

Recruiting, staffing and training have always been an uphill task for HR executives and their life goes for a toss every time a new recruit is needed. Often, these tasks are done shabbily mostly because of the timeline provided by the company. Finding top talent is not easy and that’s probably why corporations seek the help and guidance of executive search firms. Defining recruitment parameters, marketing strategies, creating the candidate pack, taking briefings, timely responses, long-list interviews & psychometric testing and many more are some of the tasks they had to...Read More

10 Most Promising HR Processes - 2018

Navigation has always been an important asset, contributing to any result oriented process & objective. Without a structured guided path, the vision towards a procedural success ceases to exist. This is perhaps why organisations feel it is imperative to have an extended arm that can delegate the workforce processing and build up a talent pool that can help in company’s progress. After all, it is the people that make the company and it is the HR Processes that makes these people. A  goog HR Process  is critical to an employee-oriented, productive workplace in...Read More