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Shuchita   Shukla
Hibernate is an open source object/relational mapping tool for... more>>
Over the last few years, a variety of frameworks for building Java–based web applications have been created. For years, Struts have aided developers build web applications using a variation... more>>
Khushi   Kumari
The life cycle of a servlet consists of the following phases: Servlet class loading : For each... more>>
Collections are an interface in the java.util package, and as  its name suggests, it i... more>>
JavaServer Faces is a new framework for building Web applications using Java. JSF is a one of s... more>>
Ujval  Patel
Website Tonight is a website builder that makes it easy to create a website. It is especially useful if you just want to make a website quic... more>>
Manual testing is a part of software testing. If you are new to the world of testing, this manual testing tutorial will prove to be of use to you. It will help you understand the basics of software... more>>
Vividha  Kaul
SAP Testing is same as manual testing but here the applications are SAP R/3 and Enterprise portal... more>>
The following is a description of two methods that have proven effective in implementing an Autom... more>>
Contains a brief description on the Life Cycle and the different Testing Models. SDLC: The soft... more>>
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