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What are the prerequisites for the SiliconIndia Courses?
First and foremost the students should have a strong desire to learn and be willing to work real hard. Apart from this they should have a PC or a laptop.
What all things are there in SiliconIndia's courses?
SiliconIndia courses are designed in a very simple way and its very easy to understand. The course consists of text tutorials, videos tutorials(webinars), real time examples, assignments, tests
How can I clear my doubts?
There are number of options to clear your doubts
1. You can send a message to you instructor
2. You can post your query in the discussion forum
3. You can ask your classmates
4. You can call and talk to the instructors directly
How do I interact with my classmates and instructors?
This is why people say that SiliconIndia is revolutionizing the education system. SiliconIndia is converging the concepts of education along with networking here. There is an option to add your classmates and teacher to your contact list (network).
How the courses are designed?
Our courses are designed with the help real MNC's and Indian companies with the goal of training what companies expect from their future employees. Partner companies have special privileges to hire our trainees and help us keep the course work more suitable to what they look for in their employees.
Who will be my classmates?
SiliconIndia's course has students from all part of the world and the profile of students' ranges from fresh graduates to CEOs.
What is the duration of the course?
Its completely depends on you. The more time you invest the faster you can finish the course.
Do I get a certificate in the end?
Yes, SiliconIndia will certify you. The demand for SiliconIndia certified Professionals in the industry is increasing every day and few organizations hiring only SilconIndia certified candidates.
Who can take this courses?
Courses are open to working professionals, recent graduates & students. Only requirement is that students should have a strong desire to learn and willing to work real hard and do all assignments.
Who are the teachers?
Our instructors are real life working professionals with more than 5 years experience. They teach the courses to help Indian engineers become more competent and give something back to the society. "Money is not the motivation of our instructors" unlike all the teachers you would have seen all your lives.
Will I get a job if I join the course?
Yes you will get it, if you finish the course successfully. Not if you join : -) On an average, each student will get 3-5 interview calls from real hiring companies, once they finish the course successfully. We share the student's history with the hiring companies. Companies get to see all the assignments and test results; it makes the job easier for the companies to select the best students.
What time are the classes held?
You can learn at any time, day or night, wherever you have an Internet connection. The study materials are available always.
Do we need to come online always?
Not really, we will give you a complementary DVD once you join the course. It will have all the text and video tutorials. Only when you download and uploading the assignments you have to come online.
If we compare with the fee what other institutions charge, SiliconIndia's course fees are 1/4 or less than that, why is the course fee so less?
SiliconIndia's idea is to give quality education by charging a nominal fee. We just want to cover the cost. Our instructors are not focused on money unlike the other instructors you would have seen your whole life. Our instructors are working in reputed companies and they just want to share their knowledge. Moreover SiliconIndia is known in the market for doing good to the Indians for the betterment of their career.
Other institutions are forced to charge more because of the cost involved in running the business. For eg. Instructor's salary, rent for the building, electricity bills, systems etc etc... and they cant have more students than their institution's capacity. SoliconIndia don't have to worry about all these things.
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