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Students join a virtual class room where at most 30 students take the course.

Course is typically divided into dozens of chapters. For each chapter,
  • Students read the specially prepared tutorials on that content for the chapter
  • They watch video of the teacher explaining important concepts in the chapter. Both tutorial and video's are full of real life examples of the code and how these concepts can be used in real life examples.
  • There are assigned programming assignments for each chapter.
  • Students can contact other students or teacher for explanations.
  • Teachers are available online from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. every week day to help individual students. Teachers provide help by email or chat .
  • Students are encouraged to participate in online group discussions with fellow classmates.
  • Students assignments consist of writing code to perform certain tasks, understanding and documenting existing code, changing the existing code to change software functionality and finding bugs in existing codes and fixing it.
  • Students are also assigned group project where they have to work with other assigned students from their class.
  • Students get marks for commenting of other's code in the class, modifying others code to make it better and for helping others in the class.
  • At end of the course, students do a major project on their own.
  • The students will have an online test at the end of the course. Once they finish it successfully they will become a SiliconIndia Certified Professional .
Once you join the course, You log in here
This is your class room
How the modules look (Above is an example of HTML tutorial)
The above is an example of text tutorial
Watch video
Take notes while reading & watching videos
Above is an example how your notebook looks
You can view your note like above
Above you can see how assignment works
View and upload your assignments here
View classmets
Send message
Clear your doubts (How discussion works)
Post your reply for the queries and check out the answers
How you can take your test
Above is an example of your answer sheet
Your result displays here
Once you become a "Certified developer", we will make sure that you get a minimum of 4 interviews
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