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.NET Developer
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i cant download visuad studio. please help me 
1 replies  |  Asked by zakaullah Rafi |  Last replied on Aug 16, 2018
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what is an assembly actually 
1 replies  |  Asked by dasari chaitanya |  Last replied on Feb 2, 2015
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my project team speaks much of share point.what is it actually and by learning .net will i get it  more>>
Asked by dasari chaitanya |  Posted on Oct 14, 2014
Oracle DBA
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Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Intern...  more>>
1 replies  |  Asked by Nagendra Kumar Venkata |  Last replied on Sep 16, 2021
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When connecting with Windows Authentication "Cannot connect to The targ...  more>>
Asked by Camille Lola |  Posted on Jul 25, 2018
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Best staad pro Online Training and Certification
staad pro Online Training by Techavera with an excel...  more>>
1 replies  |  Asked by sudhanshu kumar |  Last replied on Feb 23, 2021
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We are the java institute in pune who exposes all of our old college students cellular numbers. Which no ja...  more>>
Asked by seven mentor |  Posted on Jan 21, 2022
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1 replies  |  Asked by Siliconindia com |  Last replied on Oct 31, 2017
View Katalik Kata 's Profile gives JEE Main 2016 Information Bulletin is the information provided by Central Board of ...  more>>
Asked by Katalik Kata |  Posted on Nov 1, 2015
Embedded systems
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I am developing a Home Automation product. It requires PCB mountable Transformers. where would I get it in ...  more>>
Asked by Vishnu Prasaad |  Posted on May 25, 2018
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I have submitted the assignment but it is not yet commented..When will it be done ?  more>>
1 replies  |  Asked by anjali saxena |  Last replied on Oct 10, 2017
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I have submitted the assignment but it is not yet commented..When will it be done ?
Asked by sneha murali |  Posted on Mar 27, 2014