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Anjani  Srivastva
IPv4 has only about 4.3 billion addresses available—in theory, and we know that we don’t even get to use all of those. There rea... more>>
A topology defines how the devices are connected. A point-to-point topology has a single connection between two devices. In this topology, two devices can directly communicate without interference ... more>>
Rudra  pratap
Computer understands the language of 0's and 1's called binary language. In early days of computi... more>>
Software performance testing is a means of quality assurance (QA). It involves testing software a... more>>
Computers may be assiged a static IP addressor assigned one dynamically. Typically a server wil... more>>
Mukul  Gosavi
Java Beans is a specification developed by Sun Microsystems that defines how Java objects interact which can be used by any application that u... more>>
The first step in creating our Service Group is to create a new auction manager service and add the ServiceGroup port type using the [WSRFPortType] attribute. We will also add the GCGResourceFact... more>>
Jayadeep  Mathew
Functional Testing: Functionality testing is performed to verify whether the product/application... more>>
This  teaches how to handle exceptions in your C# programs. Our objectives are as follo... more>>
describes the SqlConnection object and how to connect to a data base. Here are the objectives of ... more>>
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