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what is polymorphism and a practical example of its use? 
1 replies  |  Asked by Demi Adeoye |  Last replied on Oct 15, 2018
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i cant download visuad studio. please help me 
1 replies  |  Asked by zakaullah Rafi |  Last replied on Aug 16, 2018
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How To send sms from Asp.Net Application using C#? 
2 replies  |  Asked by Rahul Das Pattanaik |  Last replied on Sep 8, 2015
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i want a clear explanation on "ARRAY LIST".. can anyone please????

in the dotnet tu...  more>>
2 replies  |  Asked by ramesh alladi |  Last replied on Aug 18, 2015
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what is an assembly actually 
1 replies  |  Asked by dasari chaitanya |  Last replied on Feb 2, 2015
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my project team speaks much of share point.what is it actually and by learning .net will i get it  more>>
Asked by dasari chaitanya |  Posted on Oct 14, 2014
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Is it just me who noticed that the video posted for assignment 2 is actually the video that should be for m...  more>>
Asked by Demi Adeoye |  Posted on Jul 22, 2014
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Hi, I have completed all the sections of the course. So anyone can let me know what would be next step to g...  more>>
3 replies  |  Asked by Manoj Kumar B P |  Last replied on Nov 5, 2012
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Can anyone help me to print the user input, like if user enter yes take more input and print that, else if ...  more>>
4 replies  |  Asked by garima agrawal |  Last replied on Jul 5, 2012
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1.If the following code segment compiles correctly, what do you
know about the variable x?
if(x...  more>>
1 replies  |  Asked by  |  Last replied on Jul 4, 2012
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1. Which of the following is a class?
a. System
b. Console
c. public
d. WriteLine()...  more>>
1 replies  |  Asked by  |  Last replied on Jun 17, 2012
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please i need advice, in which format of assignment do i need to upload? 
2 replies  |  Asked by badr Almehdi Alshekh |  Last replied on Jun 16, 2012
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what is delegate..?? 
1 replies  |  Asked by naveen reddy s |  Last replied on Jun 15, 2012
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