Global competence -The challenge for the youth

By Asian Business School   |   Thursday, 09 May, 2013
In the era of boundary less trade, the global economy is trying to share a common platform developing the common policies and practices for the world trade. With that kind of market dynamics, on one side there are lots of global opportunities available for both developed and developing countries but on the contrary, the world business environment throws the major challenge of developing common business knowledge, skills and attitude to understand the commonality of the global trade and create a business environment which has the “unity in diversity” for the dreamt boundary less trade.

India, being the second youngest country in the world is being looked upon as the greatest source for human resource out sourcing, for the developed countries, in the near future, said Mr. Mark Runacres, Indian Adviser, Confederation of British Industry, in the national seminar “SEED-2012” on ‘Business Strategies for Economic Evolution and Development’ organized by Asian Business School, Noida on October 12, 2012. Understanding the global business requirement the youth today is required to develop the competence for business & trade round the globe. The global competence in current business environment not only refers to globally accepted knowledge, skills and attitude but also refers to development & understanding of common social, religious and culture value sets, which may add on to the overall competence of the youth and bring unity in diversity.

Globally, educators are facing challenges as they are expected to prepare the youth to live and work in the boundary less trade environment. The academicians across the globe understand relationship between the future global economy and the competence of the youth. The urgent necessity in India is to shift the paradigm in education from conventional to contemporary pedagogy and approach for converting the abilities to capabilities and finally developing the competence of our youth to global level by developing their higher order thinking skills and their ability to apply these skills effectively to a broad range of problems. This global competence will enable them to contribute to the new business world.

The Society today seeks to increase knowledge, enhance communication, encourage creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of arts & culture, business, and education. Identifying the need of the global business world, we at Asian Business School, nurture and develop our young students to be globally competent citizens, workers, and leaders by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed by using new ideas, new media, innovative practices, curricula, pedagogies, and assessment, for success in an increasingly interconnected world.
Academicians at ABS are putting their efforts together to give the direction to our youth for developing global competence and finding strategic fit for global opportunities.

Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava
Asian Business School, Noida.

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