Create job providers rather than job seekers: Galgotia Varsity Noida paves

By Galgotias University   |   Wednesday, 11 February, 2015

In India, as per Census 2011, youth accounts for 28 per cent of the total population. According to Deloitte Report on Higher Education, there has been a threefold increase in the number of colleges in India over the past decade. But the sad part is - with increase in education level, the unemployment rate has also increased for all age groups.

Home to millions of educated unemployed youth, creating new job opportunities is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian government today. One way, identifying right skills, attitude, entrepreneurial ambition and ideas among students can work as the solution to the present unemployment challenge in the country. We need to create more job providers rather than job seekers.

If we are serious about preparing our students - the future workforce - to be innovative and entrepreneurial in nature, it is time for us to make entrepreneurship a part of syllabus in schools, colleges and university level.

In universities, entrepreneurship programs and initiatives can help instill an entrepreneurial mind-set among students. Creative and analytical thinking, not rote memorization, will open pathways to entrepreneurial success.

Many colleges and universities already have well-developed entrepreneurship programs and majors, and others are starting to recognize the value of teaching entrepreneurship and adding new courses.

Using entrepreneurship education as a background for the teaching of academic subjects gives those studies a grounding in the real world.

One of such institution in India is Galgotias University that follows the mantra create job providers rather than job seekers. It uses the industry-guidance mantra intensively through various models of university-industry partnership such as accreditations, MoU arrangements and academic alliances. These ensure that industry is involved across the entire education span from syllabus and infrastructure creation through to academic training, internship and training.

The Galgotias University was feted at the awards by Shri Narendra Modi, for differentiating itself from other universities in terms of its global-level academics and international pedagogy.

"SuneelSuneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University, says, "We have taken great care to lay down education processes that effectively function as intellectual capital generation systems. Top corporates and the leading media continually recognise the excellence of Galgotias Universitys world class education. Ours is a teaching-learning environment of tremendous richness and depth with world-class faculty, industry-guided courses that use excellent up-to-date syllabi, international pedagogies and infrastructure comparable to the worlds best. Industry-connect is the engine of the entire learning experience at Galgotias University."

Galgotias University has a well established Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). The cell is also working with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) of Wadwani Foundation. The major objective of this EDC is to enhance and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among the young students, and hence creating more job providers rather than job seekers. The Cell not only motivates the necessary knowledge and skill sets to help them to work as entrepreneurial manager rather than a simple traditional manager.

Since, its inception, the EDC is actively engaged in achieving its objectives through several ways like conducting entrepreneurial workshops, exercises, seminars, entrepreneurs talks and many more activities relating to entrepreneurship. Through our initiatives, we are trying to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of our young students and at the same time, we also provide the vital support system to help them in starting their entrepreneurial career. The university beliefs an entrepreneurial skill is much broader than even the narrow focus on starting a new enterprise. Having the ability to create and execute innovation provides a life, work and social well-being.

For young entrepreneurs-those just leaving college and opening businesses of their own-the idea of learning entrepreneurial skills in a college setting has merit. This is going to help them in facing real life problems with safety. And why only business, even big companies and MNCs are giving more preference to entrepreneurially minded employees who can keep companies fresh, exciting and profitable.

"Dhruv"We have launched the Galgotias engineering entrance examination (GEEE 2015) which ensures that thousands of students who join the Galgotia family are selected after a rigorous process and we ensure that they get placed in amongst the top companies in the country" says Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotia Education Group.

Young people who are creative, entrepreneurial thinkers can turn those unmet needs into business opportunities and generating newer employment opportunities.
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