80 Per Cent Of All Suicides Preventable: Expert

By SOA University   |   Monday, 15 December, 2014
Bhubaneswar : Suicide is not an answer to problems of life, but every two minutes a person ends his or her life intentionally thinking that it was the only way out, a senior psychiatrist said on Friday.

"Unfortunately, the person ending his or her life thinks it to be the permanent solution to a temporary problem," Dr. Surajit Sahu, head of department of pscychiatry at the IMS and Sum Hospital (IMSSH), said at an awareness seminar organized by IMSSH in collaboration with the Centre for Health Awareness (CHA), both run by the SOA University.

Interacting with around 350 students and faculty members of the Sum Nursing College (SNC), Dr. Sahu urged them to have a positive attitude towards life even though they pass through trials and difficult phases.

“Thoughts about committing suicide come to the mind of a person temporarily and those around him or her should try to provide the required  support, comfort and assistance to tide over such a crisis,” he said adding about 80 per cent of suicides committed were preventable.

In India, two-third of the youths committing suicide were in the age group of 18 to 24 years while 30 per cent belonged to the 14 to 17 category.

Adolescents, while contemplating suicide, give warning signs in about 80 per cent of cases and it was for others to pick up the signals and take preventive action. Some people even talk about their suicide plans which are not seriously taken by others while others express a strong desire to die.

"Some people drop hints of not being around for long while others visit friends to bid goodbye. Some others give their things away to friends and relatives," he said adding these were strong signals of an impending suicide.

Signs of depression, helplessness and withdrawal should not also be ignored, Dr. Sahu said adding people need to learn different methods to cope with situations and solve problems.

Referring to the much-talked about film “Three Idiots” starring Amir Khan and various scenes, he spoke about the stress suffered by students in educational institutions as also in the workplace, he said these contributed to suicides to a large extent.

A person thinks of suicide when all hope is lost. The person should have something to hope for, Dr. Sahu said adding “man can live for 40 days without food, three days without water, eight minutes without air but not one second without hope.”

Dr. P.K.Mohanty, Medical Superintendent of IMSSH, who was the chief guest, said if students felt frustrated for some reason, they should seek counseling. “Don’t ever shatter the dreams of your parents,” he advised.

Ms. Pravati Tripathy, Dean of SNC and Convenor of CHA, also spoke along with Mr. Debi Prasad Mohanty, Counsellor at the Department of Psychiatry and Mr. K.Jaykrishnan, faculty of SNC.
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