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About the Program
SiliconIndia offers internship projects to MBA students to give them an exposure to real time work environment by letting them work on live projects. Objective of SiliconIndia Internship Program is to assist MBA graduates in enhancing their overall skills set to improve their employability level to match industry expectations. SiliconIndia is currently offering only marketing projects at the moment but we expect to extend projects to HR & Finance students shortly.

We offer three different categories of an internship program based of duration and college requirement. Here is an overview of what we provide as a part of these training projects.
Comparative Analysis
Basic Internship
Standard Internship
Advance Internship
Soft Skills Training
Counseling Sessions
Once a week
Once a week
Whenever required


Benefits for Students

Experience of working on live projects

These projects are designed to enable interns work on live projects to give them an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom. Interns get to see the immediate impact of marketing tools and strategies applied by them.

Soft Skills Development

More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with their customers and peers. Most B-Schools cultivate soft skills to students and we take them one step higher in SiliconInda Internship Program. Some of the things which students will learn during their internship are

  • Resume Building
    Most of the times an freshers don’t get a job because they do not get a call for an interview. And the primary reason for this is their resumes get rejected at the screening level itself. To increase the chances of making it to an interview, SilicoIndia helps in resume building for students in the best possible format to to sell your unique mix of education, experience, accomplishments, and skills to a prospective employer.
  • Personality Development
    In today's world academic knowledge alone is not sufficient to grow and excel in life. Today it is no longer possible to get a job on the basis of your qualification. SiliconIndia helps students with personality development during the course of internship program through

    • Conduction of the several personality tests
    • Conduction of Group discussions on latest topics
    • Review on the aptitude test for final placement

  • Mock Interviews
    An interview is an important opportunity for students to get into corporate world.  Every organization has a different interview approach based on the job profile. SiliconIndia counselors help students in preparing for an interview through Mock Interview Program. Based on the job requirement we conduct a series of mock interview sessions for each intern to help them capitalize on their strong points and overcome their weaknesses.



Most of the B-Schools in India offers “Marketing” specialization, but they teach on the traditional marketing techniques with a little introduction to the new age marketing concepts taking place in online media. Students who do an internship projects with us learn about:

  • Online Marketing
    Online marketing is a new concept for Indian Market which is becoming popular and preferred marketing tool among leading MNCs. SiliconIndia gives interns an opportunity to work and learn more about online marketing tools & techniques, as the projects we assign are primarily based on Internet Marketing. This also results in higher job prospects with leading MNCs.
  • Data Analytics
    Understanding customers and the ways they behave is crucial to the success of any organization. Data analytics is used by companies to make better business decisions to improve existing strategies and practices. Interns will get to learn how to use data analytic tools to extract maximum insight and value from their data for analyzing and optimizing online marketing techniques.

Job Assistance

SiliconIndia offers its job assistance to interns based on their performance during internship projects. Along with resume building, personality development and mock interviews, we also help students who perform exceptionally in their final placements. SiliconIndia itself hires lot of fresh MBA graduates for its own internal requirement other than that we also have a dedicated recruitment team to assist them for placement at our associated companies.

Internship Certificate

All the students who successfully complete their projects with SiliconIndia will get an internship certificate, which will give them a big edge over their peers while applying for final placement. At the end of internship the Project Guide will review final project report and the daily reports of interns before handing over the certificates.

*Note – This Internship Certificate will be sent to the Placement Officer of the college. Interns can collect the same from their Placement Officer.

Benefits for College

Not only students but colleges also benefit by getting associated with SiliconIndia for Internship Program. Some of the direct benefits what college gets are

  • Higher placements percentage
    As we help students for getting a final job it help colleges also in improving their overall placement track record.
  • Enhanced college brand image in corporate world
    SiliconIndia internship program is well recognized by lot of leading MNC companies and are keen to hire MBA students who have done their internship projects with us. It works like a big push for college brand awareness when their students do their internship with SiliconIndia.
  • Higher placement packages for students
  • Reduced burden on college career placement office

To enroll for SilconIndia Internship Program mail us now at Or call us at 080-43402017/080-43402021.

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