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IBMT believes that the integration of global systems is now creating an intelligent space where empowered individuals will be required to work as intellipreneurs to generate wealth in the society. New signposts of creative economy are on the horizon.  Therefore intellectual perspective at IBMT is now evolving around I4-C model.
IBMT realises that in order to grasp the intricacies of new businesses in the digital economy, the future managers must develop capabilities to integrate multiple skills, evolving knowledge systems and emergent technologies. Following an inter-disciplinary approach that integrates technology and business, programs of study at IBMT have been designed with a clear focus on knowledge models.
We now live in a world that is increasingly defined by Globality, Cybernity and Complexity. Technology of transport and communication is accelerating the trans-border flow of data, goods, services and people. Collapse of time and space is sharpening the process of rapid integration of world societies creating increased possibilities for interaction among people across borders. Convergence of technologies such as satellites, computers, television, telecommunications, genetics & biotechnology, etc is changing the way we live. The most profound impact has been felt on business organizations and processes marked by increasing complexity. The problem in today's complex environment is that business and the target are constantly modifying each other and co- evolving. Therefore, the linear path is no longer feasible to achieve targets. In order to comprehend the emerging complexity and select intelligent pathways one requires not only the knowledge of technology but new cognitive skills to manage complex organizations.
 However, the classroom education alone is inadequate to capture the depth of experiences concerning cultural and historical diversity. IBMT education aims to develop future managers with holistic perception through unity of thought, vision and action to operate in the emerging complex business environment.
The Institute is dedicated to nurture creative contributors with enhanced creative and technological skills to contribute to the creation, application and extension of knowledge for the benefit of the society.
Quality at IBMT
The Institute has a rigorous quality assurance mechanism built on sound academic foundations. The quality of courses is maintained through continuous review and enhancement. Staffs who are involved in the latest research to develop new theories and to understand ever-changing world regularly update courses.
In order to ensure the standard and quality of education all our programmes are subject to an approval process by the Board of Studies. Approval involves the assessment of a programme to ensure that it meets the institutional and industry standards for a programme at that level and delivery mechanism adhere to international standards. As a matter of policy, all programmes offered by the Institute are reviewed on a regular basis in order to take account of recent developments in the field and to improve its structure. The quality and standard of the programmes is maintained wherever possible enhanced.
IBMT is situated in the sylvan surroundings of the Garden City of Bangalore. From a traditional center of Carnatic culture, a pensioners’ paradise and a laid-back life style, Bangalore has grown into a modern Technopolis dotted with state-of-the-art Technology Parks, high-technology industries, sophisticated research & development centers and futuristic start-ups. It is the seat of some of the world class research centers in the frontier areas of Science and Technology. As a result of this metamorphosis, the city has earned the epithet 'Silicon Valley' of India and the City of Future.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of International Business (MIB)
Master of Finance and Accounting (MFA)
Master of Science (IT)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)