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Established: 1973
The Indian Institute of Planning and Management aims at initiating training and research on problems of development that must be solved for realising planned national objectives. Unfortunately education in India has still remained primarily oriented towards the needs of the private sector and has overlooked the specific requirements of the public sector. We have even failed to do justice to the private sector in as much as we have not succeeded in impressing upon the students the basic framework within which the private sector has to operate in our country. The scope and role of the private sector in our country, in the context of national economic planning, is quite distinct from that of the private sector in the free market economies originally developed through colonial exploitation.
Problems of development of the private and the public sectors are, therefore, to be studied and analyzed carefully in the background of national economic planning. Otherwise, we shall not be able to translate the laudable goals of plans into physical realities, however sophisticated the planning models may be. Inspite of the basic differences that exist between the private and the public sector, once the strategy for planned development has been formulated, both the sectors must draw up their operational plans in a complementary way to realize the planned objectives. Otherwise, we may find them working at cross purposes.
IIPM's industry researches are consolidated through its journals, namely, 4Ps (Marketing Journal), Human Factor (HR Journal), Need the Dough (Finance Journal) and India Economy Review (National Economy Journal). IIPM journals table most relevant industry researches across various geographies internationally and across various functions, and are subscribed to by leading organizations internationally. Faculties from the world's best organizations contribute to IIPM journals. IMD Lausanne, Chicago University Graduate School of Business, Columbia Graduate School of Business, Tuck School at Dartmouth College, London Business School, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, Cranfield University, Aston Business School, Andersen Graduate School of Management, State University of New York, San Jose State University, University of Illinois, University of New South Wales, University of Southern Queensland etc are some of the institutions from where faculties have contributed to IIPM's leading journals.
IIPM International Placements
In addition IIPM now with its international placement offices has started to focus on international placements as we have seen our students after being employed for some years in national locations move out for prospects abroad and are working at senior levels in countries like Singapore, America, Australia, Dubai, London, Canada and the list is endless. In the current year the highest national package for an IIPM student was Rs. 12 lacs and seven students were selected. Our  national recruiters are leaders in their industries like Consulting; Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte Consulting…, Banking; Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, HDFC,  ABN Amro, Kotak Bank, American Express…, Financial and Research services; Evalue,Copal Partners, WNS Global, Pipal Research, IMRB, Karvy Consultants, Prudential ICICI, G.E Money, Citifinancials…, Consumer products; Eveready Industries, Asian paints, HLN, Berger paints, LG, Bluestar ... , Insurance; ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allianz, Met Life, Tata AIG, Aviva Life, Birla Sunlife… , Information Technology and services ; Oracle Corporation, HP, IBM, Intel, HCL, Hutchison…  And many more industry leaders like Yamaha Motors, Essar Group, DLF universal, Shaw Wallace, Sahara India, Reliance Communications, Anand rathi,  NEI, Bharat Shell, Malwa Group… 
Courses offered
Post Graduate Programmes
  Full Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with Certification in Global Management and International Residentship

  Full Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Exposure

  Full Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with Mini GOTA

Under Graduate programmes
  3-Years Full TIme Integrated Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Exposure

  3-Years Full Time Integrated Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with Mini GOTA

Executive Programme
  1-Year Full Time Executive Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with International Residentship & Certificate in Global Management

Admission process
IIPM’s unique Admission Test – EPAT

IIPM follows a common entrance exam (E-PAT) for all its programmes and based on the exam and other important criterions, candidates are finally selected. E-PAT (Entrepreneurship & Planning Admission Test) is based upon a written test, group discussion and interview. Unlike CAT, IIPM’s admission test E-PAT is based more on parameters pertaining to EQ (Emotional Quotient) and overall personality mapping since it has been globally observed that high IQ often takes a backseat to high EQ when it comes to Entrepreneurship and Management and dealing with human beings. Thus, the total scores of the written test, group discussion and personal interview are compiled together to compose the final score. Success in E-PAT is more likely to make you a better future leader than success in any other exam focused on IQ. E-PAT is conducted throughout India in more than 18 centres.

You can personally visit any of the IIPM campuses and get back with a free copy of the application form and prospectus.