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HARLAL Institute of Management & Technology (HIMT)

HARLAL Institute of Management & Technology (HIMT)

About us:

The basic philosophy of HIMT is based on the fabric of Eastern Thinking and Western concepts. To achieve this goal, the Group is targeted to imparting global perspective to the young students. HIMT is fully equipped to face the challenges as one of the fastest growing, well received and well known premier Management and Computer Institute. It is one of the most sought after Institute in the country. Unlike any other Institute, HIMT has developed optimum blend of excellent academicians and practitioners of Management and Computer having deeper insight of the composition of what makes an...

Dr. T. Duhan
Winds of Change are blowing & today's youth will be tomorrow's India . World is much different than what it was till a few decades ago. The role of education system has therefore changed from mere transfer of knowledge to proactive learning. It is also important to find new ways to make high-quality learning available at low cost to thousands of young peoples. In recent times, employment rates...
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Advice from Alumni
Amit  Kumar
Amit Kumar, Sr Manager Marketing And Events
My advice to all future professionals is that book world is totally different form the real world but understanding the book lessons are very important as they will only help you to think further and secondly my suggestion is that always ready to accept any work never keep waiting for only big MNC to hire you because after college every single day have value whether you add it as experience in your profile or waste it it’s all upto you and always remember “ BEING A BIG FISH IN SMALL POND IS MUCH BETTER THEN A SMALL FISH IN BIG POND” because in big pond big fish will definitely eat small fish one day so Love your profile not company because you will never know when company will stop loving you so Focus and Grow on your profile. All The best to all of...
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