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Question :Auntyji,can you suggest what are the major qualities of a MBA

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Intellectual ability: A candidate who is smart and easily able to handle the demands of the schoolwork and, ultimately, the business world.

Quantitative orientation: A candidate who can "do" numbers.

Analytical mindset: A candidate who is able to think critically and tolerate complex, open-ended problems.

Success record: A candidate with a proven run of success.

Maturity and professionalism: A candidate who looks, talks and acts like a grown-up.

Leadership: A candidate who has created value by being at the helm in group-based activities and is comfortable in this role.

Ambition and motivation: A candidate who is aiming for big things and planning to play in the senior leagues.

Career potential: A candidate who has what it takes to go to the top.

A strong, extrovert personality: A candidate who likes people and who is professionally (if not naturally) gregarious.

Active orientation: A candidate with a bias to action and getting things done.

Personal integrity: A candidate with good interpersonal values and morals.

Diversity contribution: A candidate who brings interesting attributes, experiences, and depth of background to the group.

Creativity and innovation: A candidate who is comfortable with change and ready to use it creatively.

Communication ability: A candidate who can write, speak and organize ideas well.

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