worxogo: Unlocking Utmost Potential of Enterprises with Sustainable Business Gamification Solutions

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
While undergoing large scale transformation, it is common among organizations to engage consulting firms to effect the change. A detailed study of the needs is done, a strategic approach is employed and a strong technological base to the solution, configured. And yet, these efforts deliver results, in part, that are difficult to sustain. Those can only be attained through continuous improvement and reinforced with constant engagement. Hence, worxogo, an enterprise gamification application provider, blends robust consulting expertise and an innovative technological framework with principles of behavioural design to accelerate and sustain achievement; thereby dialling up engagement levels significantly.

On-Trend Applications

The Bangalore-based company founded in 2014 brings together a deep understanding of the business world with enterprise gamification to deliver breakthrough outcomes; thus justifying the name worxogo - a combination of work and xogo (meaning game in Galician). "We provide a set of technologically enabled solutions embedding game design and mechanics that plug into business processes and serve as gamified applications. Our currently popular applications include pipeline management application, back office productivity tools and gamified portals for cost reduction and innovation," says Ramesh Srinivas, Founder & CEO, worxogo.

Amidst other companies that limit
gamification's potential to just deploy game apps, worxogo's enterprise gamification understands intrinsic motivators as well as engagement factors and leverage technology to build programs that drive collaboration, engagement and ownership. Moreover, worxogo aligns technology and engagement with business drivers. The company's valuable proprietary assets including MoBe� (motivation & Behaviour) maps and Aligned Action Framework ensures that the company delivers on the promise. Done correctly, business outcomes can be driven through an organizational cultural transformation.

Promoting Innovation & Synergy

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