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Cupola Technology: A Cradle to the Grave Approach to Product Development for Emerging Technologies

Pankaj Kundwani
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Pankaj Kundwani
A rational approach to building quality into products largely depends on the meticulous use of underlying non-functional aspects. Undermining this, a majority of software companies do not succeed to satisfy the needs of stakeholders and fail to solve their business critical problems. At the same time, many business enterprises need to embrace to the latest technologies to remain relevant to the market demands. To achieve this, More than a vendor they select a partner who can deliver a product and work together from conception to support lifecycle of the product. This is where Cupola Technology has emerged as one of the most promising offshore product development, services and product incubation center with a focus on product development for emerging technologies

Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, Cupola boasts of a great understanding of business vicissitudes and is uniquely positioned to help its clients expedite their product development efforts. The organization not only takes care of clients' short term goals, but also ensures that the delivered product enables them to scale and fuel their growth in the long run. Cupola was founded in 2011 by seasoned technologists having around two decades of experience in product development. The young company is well equipped to handle all phases of product development from Product Conception, Developing Product Requirements & Specifications, Product Development, Product Deployment and Managing the Live Services. Having specialized focus on IoT and Wearable Devices, IPTV & OTT Video, Broadband & Wireless to Cloud, Cupola has garnered extensive experience across wide range of technologies, solutions, platforms and products. It has demonstrated its ability to quickly build teams in emerging market segment. Their light weight development process aids Cupola to effectively manage their delivery. "We believe quality to be an uncompromised value in each of our engagement. We have successfully developed and deployed multiple products and emerging technologies worldwide and have the experience, dedication and focus to provide all the needed assistance to deliver a successful product or service to customers," says Ajay Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Cupola Technology.

A Strong Foundation

Cupola is a brainchild of Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee. Having worked together for almost 15 years with various start ups and reputed organizations, the duo have developed strong competencies in building innovative products and have successfully managed large product teams, involving multiple technologies and cross-functional groups for customers across the globe. Prior to Cupola they were with Verismo Networks which was funded by Intel Capital in 2010. Cupola was incubated in 2011 and they have brought it to a position where it today nurtures a team of about 50 tech-wizards. In a highly competitive environment where software teams are required to deliver new products at a breath-taking pace, clients seek Cupola's expertise and support to run parallel to the changing trends in the market. The team at Cupola has been highly successful in impressing and retaining clients with its competence in solving growth critical problems of clients' organizations. Overwhelmed with Cupola's values and commitment to quality, two seasoned technology professionals - Giriraj Uttarwar and Nazim Khan - joined Cupola in 2013, empowering the company with their deep industry experience.

Attitude Defines the Altitude

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